Wood vs composite decking – Which is better?

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Wood Vs Composite decking: What Type of Decking Is Best For You?

When choosing between wood or composite decking, composite decking always paves the way. A low-maintenance, long-lasting alternative to natural wood decking is composite decking. Perth’s outdoor decking has to face the harsh weather conditions of Australia, which range from intense heat and sunlight to drought and torrential rain. Whereas natural wood necessitates extensive maintenance and upkeep due to such calamities, composite decking boards maintain their appearance and feel for many years.

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Why ‘Composite Decking’?

Nothing beats having a beautiful view of your house’s exterior from a well-designed deck. Choosing a suitable decking material is an essential step toward improving the indoor-outdoor transition and increasing the visual value of your property. Wood and composites are two of the most common decking materials.


Wood is the most traditional decking material, with cedar and treated lumber being the most common choices. However, most people build attractive decks out of hardwoods like tigerwood. The cost-effectiveness of wood over other decking materials is the key reason why most homeowners prefer it.

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The expense of purchasing and installing a wood deck is relatively inexpensive at first. You will spend half as much on a pinewood deck as you would on a composite deck. Even if you choose a more elegant wood such as redwood or cedar, the cost will be substantially less than composite decking.

Wood is a long-lasting material, but it requires more effort, time, and money to maintain. Cleaning, sanding, painting, or staining should be done regularly, generally every two years. If you leave it untreated, your deck will decay or lose its aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, wood might warp or splinter due to normal wear and tear. However, if you properly treat and care for your wood deck, it can last more than 20 years.

Composite decking is a mix of wood and plastic that combines the advantages of both artificial and natural decking. Although it does not have the same beauty as wood, it is more durable and straightforward to maintain. You will, however, need to clean it at least twice a year with a soft brush and a soapy mixture, as well as a washer.

A composite is made up of stain-resistant components that have a 50-year lifespan. Unlike wood, the composite material is UV-resistant so that it won’t fade over time.

Is it better to go with composite or wood decking? The answer is dependent on your personal preferences. For example, a wood deck may be the right choice if you prefer wood’s true, natural beauty and have the money and time to maintain it. On the other hand, a composite deck may be the best option if you want a deck that lasts longer and is less expensive to maintain.

The most compelling justification for composite materials is that they are low-maintenance: no sanding, refinishing, or staining is required at any time. It also typically comes with a warranty of at least 20 years, if not a lifetime guarantee. As you could assume, the disadvantage is its price, which is around twice as much as natural wood decks, depending on quality and warranty.

We will install outstanding decks to transform the appearance of your home’s outdoor space. To take advantage of our professional services, don’t hesitate to contact us right now.

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Advantages of composite decking.

Wood or other types of decking are not the same as composite decking. However, there are some notable advantages to composite decking over wood decking. Installing composite decking has numerous benefits.

Composite decking requires minimal maintenance. Therefore, the most crucial advantage of composite decking is its low upkeep. Or the lack of it.


Many factors can cause damage to a deck. Composite decking, on the other hand, is made to withstand anything.

Water doesn’t penetrate composite decking so that it won’t rot, fungus, or mildew on your deck opens in a new tab. Remember that the most common cause of deck failure is water. Water, on the other hand, brings with it destruction.

Many composite decking materials outperform wood decking in terms of traction. But, especially if you’re worried about mildew on your deck because composite decking does not grow mold, it will outlast your wood deck.

The aesthetic of composite decking is another significant feature. Composite decking may bring a lot of color to your home and yard, especially.

Splinters aren’t a problem with composite decking. Your deck is safe for bare feet because there are no splinters or uncomfortable slivers. So remove your shoes and enjoy your time on your patio.

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We bring you the best composite decking in Perth.

Check out our range of Composite Decking here:

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Explore our most comprehensive range available and select the best-suited one for your needs.
A beautiful, fashionable, and classy addition to a backyard, outdoor living area, or patio is a hardwood deck.

On the other hand, natural wood has several disadvantages, particularly when exposed to the elements. Fortunately, there is a simple method to enjoy all of the advantages of a hardwood deck without the high maintenance requirements of natural wood.

New Wave Flooring, a Perth-based composite decking supplier, has the answer. New Wave Flooring Composite decking is perfect for your patio, veranda, or other outdoor living space; composite decking is an excellent alternative. Unlike hardwood, it doesn’t require staining or sanding throughout its lifetime, and you’ll enjoy a beautiful and modern deck that you can enjoy rather than maintain.

Composite decking in Perth looks and feels like natural wood, and we provide a variety of colors and styles to complement your home decor. In addition, the composite material gives your deck more strength and is resistant to stains, scratches, mold, mildew, termite damage, and rot.

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