Benefits of synthetic grass – Why do you need it?

Australia’s seasons, especially winter and summer, can be brutal on natural grass and lawns. From the burning sun to drought, the grass is very difficult to keep alive and in summer, the natural lawns that look good are few and far between. It also required a huge amount of upkeep, between watering, weeding, mowing, and feeding. If you seek a beautiful, natural-looking lawn year-round without the fuss, synthetic grass in Perth is the solution.

benefits of synthetic grass

What is Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf or artificial grass is a surface of man-made fibres which look and feel like natural grass. It is commonly used in sporting fields and arenas (particularly for tennis, golf, rugby, baseball, and field hockey), and is becoming much more commonly used in residential and commercial lawn applications.

Artificial lawns first became popular in the 1960s. Synthetic lawns have, in the past, had a poor reputation as they were so obviously fake. Today’s modern synthetic lawn products and systems are appealing, and thanks to infill of sand and recycled rubber, they not only look but also feel natural, and are ideal for all areas where you want to have a beautiful lawn effect – even if you have children or pets.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf

Synthetic turf in Perth from New Wave Flooring is a premium product which harmonises beautifully with the natural environment. The many benefits of a synthetic lawn include:

  • Lush, attractive lawn year-round
  • No mowing
  • No watering
  • No weeding
  • No bindiis or prickles
  • No pollens that may cause allergies
  • No fertiliser requirements
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Drains quickly
  • UV-stable
  • Child-friendly
  • Pet-friendly
  • Looks and feels like natural grass

Get The Best Synthetic Turf in Perth

New Wave Flooring in Perth offers a great solution for your lawn with a range of artificial turf styles from which to choose. Contact us today to discover the many benefits of artificial grass so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn this summer!

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