Composite vs timber decking perth

What is Composite Decking?

Composite Decking is a highly durable, low-maintenance alternative to a natural timber deck. Outdoor Decking in Perth is exposed to Australia’s harsh weather conditions, from extreme heat and sunlight to drought and torrential rain. Where natural timber requires significant maintenance and upkeep through such atrocities, composite Decking looks and feels new for many years.

Homeowners today want outdoor spaces that reflect their indoors –  from comfortable furniture, accent accessories, alfresco kitchens, and smooth decking surfaces. But, while choosing the chairs and pillows is simple, many customers are unsure what to choose to achieve their dream outdoors. 

The priority must be to set up a high–quality composite decking. Composite decking boards are made from reclaimed timber, bamboo, and recycled plastic. Though they are carefully engineered and designed to look like the real thing, it requires very little maintenance compared to wood. Composite Decking is less likely to split or crack; it is engineered to resist stains and fade and requires low maintenance. 

Is Composite Decking better than timber?

Both substances have many options and feature their blessings and drawbacks, relying on your flavor. Composite Decking is much less slippery than timber and is derived in various colorations and finishes. The finish is also appreciably more excellent consistent. Each board of a composite deck has identical color and texture. In contrast, timber decking could have shade variations because of the herbal timber and knots. Composite Decking will preserve the same look and color for longer without the want for ongoing preservation, so if you would like a hassle-unfastened deck, that is the higher choice. 

Wood decking can result in splinters if not adequately maintained and slippery while moist. The colors available are also extra constrained, but you could alternate your decking color with stains or even paint if required.

In the long run, cloth alternatives come down to non-public options. In case you would like a non-slip and toddler-safe deck that best calls for an annual wash, Composite Decking is the clear winner. Otherwise, if you desire a traditional look that you won’t replace, wooden decking is probably the first-rate option for you.

Is Composite Decking worth the money?

The best Composite Decking is formulated from a unique blend of natural wood fiber and eco-friendly recycled plastic products. The result is a product manufactured with the following strengths:

  • Requires no painting, staining, or sanding
  • Appearance remains consistent over its lifetime
  • Board length is consistent
  • Sun and water-resistant
  • Insect-resistant
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Will not fade
  • Installation is easy
  • Boards will not rot
  • Some products may be bushfire resistant
  • Anti-slip products available

If you need to repair your deck, add an addition, or construct a new deck from scratch, this may be the quality or to get a composite board deck. Composite Decking has always been extra pricey when it comes to pricing. Still, homeowners and contractors would propose it as it was worth it in the long run. Composite Decking is proof against UV light, pests, and climate conditions and typically lasts longer. Composite Decking provides more value to a home than a timber deck at much less maintenance. 

But the price has become a sticking factor continually. This year’s composite Decking can be an inexpensive alternative. 

Is composite Decking a cheaper option than timber decking this year?

Decks are one of the maximum popular additions to any domestic, apartment construction, or workplace. An open-door space like a deck or a porch is ideal for hosting your summer season BBQs, reveling in some time outside, or loosening up throughout the warmer months. The two most commonplace varieties of decks are wood decks and composite board decks. Usually, when we talk to the professionals, they vote Composite Decking higher for durability, lasting longer, and easier to maintain; but, the rate is better than operating with a wood deck. In addition, wood decks have continually been known as the price-effective alternative. But now, in 2021, which could not be the case. 

Wood fees Have greater Than Doubled in 2021

The pandemic has had infinite consequences on the sector. During the last year, lumber expenses have been increasing dramatically. The charge per thousand board feet of lumber hit an all-time excessive of $1,188 in April of 2021, compared to beneath $500 in June 2020. Alas, the price of lumber still hasn’t determined its ceiling yet either. 

Does Composite Decking increase home value?

With a longer lifespan and lower maintenance requirement than other types of Decking, Composite Decking is more valuable. Therefore, Composite Decking will save you money in rare instances of care and during resale.

How long does Composite Decking last?

Requiring minimal upkeep, Composite Decking can be between 25 to 30 years.

How do I maintain the look of my Composite Decking?

Composite Decking has a low maintenance requirement. Unlike natural wood, you will not have to deal with splinters or sanding and staining. To clean it, all you need is mild detergent dish soap diluted in warm water, a brush, and a hose. Scrub it and rinse it to maintain its aesthetic. There is no need for power washers or bleach as they will do more harm than good. High-quality composites are mold-resistant, and it’s one of the most durable decking products on the market.


How much does Composite Decking cost in Perth, WA?

The upfront cost of composite Decking is more of an investment than what you would spend on traditional timber. However, that is small compared to the details and benefits of composite Decking. For example, the Composite Decking price is justified by its lifespan, insect, and rot resistance. In addition, it causes no splinters, twisters, or wood splits. Finally, it has shallow maintenance requirements, saving you time, energy, and money in the long run.

 When you get time to enjoy your Decking rather than maintaining it,  the cost of composite Decking is justified. We are proud to be the supplier of the cheapest Composite Decking in Perth.

New Wave Flooring supplies Composite Decking to builders, renovators, and installers across Perth in various styles and colors. When it comes to Composite Decking, our wholesale products are a steal for you and your customers.

At New Wave Flooring, we supply high-quality composite flooring that comes with solid manufacturer warranties.

Wholesale composite decking Perth

New or old to the industry, if you are interested in trying new suppliers – New Wave Flooring can help you. We provide wholesale services for tradies, renovators, and builders, along with free samples and trade rates.

We offer:

  • Free delivery for commercial purchases by tradies, renovators, and builders
  • Free samples available
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Customer referrals opportunities
  • Best Composite Decking in Perth

A wooden deck is a stylish and sophisticated addition to a backyard, outdoor living area, or patio. However, natural wood has some drawbacks, especially when exposed to the outdoors. Fortunately, there is a  way to enjoy all the benefits of a wooden deck minus the high maintenance that real wood decking needs. The solution is timber-look Composite Decking from Perth suppliers New Wave Flooring.

We have an impressive range of Outdoor decking supplies in Perth, including composite decks in an array of colors and finishes. We guarantee the ideal product to suit your home, and with our solutions, your deck will be solid, strong, and looking new for many years.

Available in a range of shades that resemble natural wood, even shades of grey are available to choose from. It allows flexibility in your design to match your Decking to elements like your wall cladding and lighting. It is available in the following colors:

  • Natural Wood
  • Jarrah
  • Light Silver Grey
  • Dark Charcoal
  • Rosewood

Composite decking installation

We will provide you with our DIY guidelines on composite decking installation, which will make the whole process easier. Adding composite decking to your home will give value to your home, especially during resale. With a great design and low maintenance requirement, you will get a return on your investment. Our experts understand that your backyard is much more than just a patio, pool, or deck. It is your home and life, and we want to make sure it is beautiful and functional. 

What would you choose?

Composite wood and natural wooden have their specific selling points. But, many people might believe that the drawbacks of timber outweigh the blessings, and ultimately it’s simply no longer worth the attempt and value of preservation.

Composite then again has ways extra benefits than it has drawbacks. First, it’s highly inexpensive within a brief-time period and less expensive in the long term. And it won’t cost you time or labor to preserve. We even offer a 25-yr warranty on our Composite Decking!

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