Most Realistic Artificial Grass From New Wave Flooring

Most Realistic Artificial Grass From New Wave Flooring

It can be challenging to shop for fake grass for your home or place of business because dozens of companies have popped up offering hundreds of different types of artificial grass.

There is a remarkable amount of knowledge and terminology to learn when looking for the most realistic artificial grass.

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With so many different styles, grades, and prices available, you may wonder how to select the best fake grass for your yard.

Well, New Wave Flooring solves this problem by providing you with the best artificial grass and advice on installing it.



Most Realistic Artificial Grass For Your Lawn – How To Choose One?

There are many reasons why you might want artificial grass. We have the answers if you wish to put green, save on water bills, or keep your pets safe from harmful chemicals.

Color and Shine

Fake grass, like natural grass, comes in a variety of colors. Likewise, high-quality artificial grass will have a variety of colors to mimic the appearance of natural grass.

You should pay close attention to the height of the pile, thatch, infill, and density if you want your grass to appear lush and full.

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Each of these elements contributes to the natural appearance of the best artificial grass products. Some grasses are long and lush, while others are shorter and more manicured. 

Many of the most natural-looking grasses use a combination of straight and curled monofilaments and various colors to give the turf a more organic, less uniform appearance.

Maintain your synthetic turf regularly with a Power Broom for Turf Rake to keep your grass’s fluffy, plush appearance and prevent matting.

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Getting the Right Look

New Wave Flooring is the way to go if you want visually appealing grass with a deep green color. We provide incredibly realistic and use high-performance yarn in perfectly-shaped blades. Selecting artificial grass is critical to achieving the desired look for your space.

We understand that every home has its personality and beauty. If it’s going on a balcony or patio, look for a synthetic option that requires little maintenance. On the other hand, if you plan on using it as a play space for kids or pets, select an option that is soft enough for their feet and durable enough to stand up against frequent use.

Soft And Realistic Artificial Grass 

Premier 35 is an excellent option if you want a soft, natural look. Produced from a high-quality fiber that is also high-performance and soft. Many people may not realize it’s artificial because it appears natural and healthy. The Premier35 shade is a warm emerald green. This realistic appearance is matched by a strength that can withstand traffic volume.

Now that we’ve inundated you with information, we’ll break down the essential characteristics of looking for the best artificial grass.

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Can Handle Heavy Foot Traffic / Use

Different turf products will withstand varying amounts of use and foot traffic, so choose one that will withstand whatever you throw.

Will your artificial grass be accessible to children? What about pets? If so, how many and how often?

Remember that while extra durability will cost you more, artificial grass is one of those “buy it nice or buy it twice” purchases.

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It should be:- 

  • Durable & Long-Lasting
  • Resilient & Springy

There is an artificial grass product for almost every climate, application, location, and budget. But don’t be discouraged by the sheer number and variety of fake grass products.
You’ll be good at finding the best and most realistic artificial grass for your space once you understand a few terms and features, whether it’s artificial turf for sports arenas or springy grass for your toddler’s playground. To get most realistic artificial grass visit new wave flooring.


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