Composite Decking Perth

What is Composite Decking?

Today’s homeowners want outdoor spaces that reflect their indoor rooms. From comfortable furniture, accent accessories, alfresco kitchens to smooth decking surfaces. While choosing the chairs and pillows is simple, many customers aren’t as confident when it comes to selecting materials to achieve the desired look. Selecting a high–quality composite decking should be the first step. Composite decking boards are made from a combination of over 90 percent reclaimed timber, bamboo, and recycled plastic. Carefully engineered and designed to look like the real thing, it requires very little maintenance in comparison to timber. Composite Decking Perth is less likely to split or crack, it is engineered to be resistant to stains and fading and has a much lower requirement for maintenance


Long lengths for quick and easy installation, splinter free, no warps or rots, no sanding or painting required, long lasting, scratch resistant, termite resistant with no sealing required. Resistant to moult and rot which means no need for replacement of boards. Stain, weather resistant and with its anti – slip properties it becomes the perfect addition for your home.


Composite decking has a very low maintenance requirement. Unlike real wood, you will not have to deal with splinters or sanding and staining. To clean it, all you need is mild detergent dish soap diluted in warm water, a brush and a hose. Scrub it and rinse it to maintain its aesthetic. No need for power washers or bleach as they will do more harm than good. High quality composites are mould resistant and it’s one of the most durable decking products on the market. Call Now on 08 6406 1488 View Products


Composite deck boards are U.V. stable and the colour doesn’t fade over time like normal timber. Please do keep in mind the they will lose a little bit of colour after their initial installation in the early weeks.


Upfront cost of composite decking is more of an investment than what you would spend on traditional timber but, you need to keep an open mind and evaluate the details and benefits of composite decking. Composite decking price is offset by its lifespan, insect and rot resistance, no splinters, twisters or wood splits along with its very low maintenance requirement, which will save you time, energy and money in the longs run. When you get time to enjoy your decking rather than maintaining makes the cost of composite decking worth every cent. We are proud to be the suppliers of cheapest composite decking in Perth.

Is Composite Decking Recommended for Commercial Use?


Can I Install Composite Decking on My Own?

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything!! And with our DIY guideline available by clicking here, the whole process becomes a breeze. Adding a composite decking to your home will bring decades of enjoyment and will add value to your home. With a great design and low maintenance requirement you will definitely get a return for your investment. Our experts understand that your backyard is much more than just a patio, pool or deck. It is your home and life and we want to make sure it is beautiful and functional. What is the life span of Composite decking? 25 years
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What Is the Life Span of Composite Deck?

What Colours Are Available?

Available in a range of shades that resemble real wood and even shades of grey are available to choose from. It allows flexibility in your design as you can match your decking to elements like your wall cladding and lighting. It is available in the following colours;
• Natural Wood
• Jarrah
• Light Silver Grey
• Dark Charcoal
• Rosewood

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