Artificial Premium Grass from New Wave Flooring

Have you ever wanted a perfect lawn with no maintenance or watering? New Wave Flooring is here to help. We have a premium grass product that can be used for any area.

Artificial grass is ideal for patio and backyard lawn replacement, pool decking, landscaping, and roof-top gardens. There are many reasons why homeowners choose artificial grass.

Artificial Premium Grass – What are the Types

Artificial grass is a great way to brighten your home and add curb appeal. It works well with any home style and can be used in various ways. There are many different types, so it’s essential to understand the options. Artificial grass is a great way to beautify your home exterior and interior. 

New Wave Flooring offers a wide selection of premium artificial grass products suitable for any property.

Lush 35mm Synthetic Turf

Looking for a budget synthetic turf? Look no further than lush35. This 35mm soft-to-touch artificial grass is a great entry point into synthetic turf. Our prices start at $9.90 per square meter.

You’ll love how easy it is to maintain — hose down the surface, and it will look as good as new again!

The lush35 has been designed to withstand everyday use and is suitable for residential and commercial settings.

Price – $9.90

Product name – Lush35

Pile height – 35mm



Warranty – 3 years

Spring 35mm Artificial Grass

Lush Natural Promotes Quality Products

Artificial Premium Grass from New Wave Flooring 5

Spring35 has a 35mm pile height with a soft, lavish, thick, multi-colored look and feel. This is one of our most popular artificial grasses, perfect for the kids to play on.

Price – $13.90 to $19.00

Product name – Spring35

Pile height – 35mm

Features – Natural look / Low cost / Pet-friendly

Roll size pricing


Manufacture warranty – 7 years

Premier 30mm Synthetic Grass

Lush Green Artificial Grass for Your Home

This 30mm premium synthetic grass is the closest you can get to the real thing; luxuriously real and dense. With a natural feel beneath the foot, and a short pile perfect for kids to play on, it fits right in with the Western Australian landscape.

Artificial Premium Grass from New Wave Flooring 6

Price – $16.90 to $22.00

Product name – Premier30

Pile height – 30mm

Features – Natural look / Bouncy piles / Great for kids’ play / Pet-friendly

Roll sizes/pricing 


Manufacture warranty – 10 years

Spring 38mm Artificial Grass

Soft and fresh underfoot but with natural undertones that make it one of the most realistic artificial grass lawns available, this 38mm grass is one of New Wave’s biggest sellers – and with good reason.

Artificial Premium Grass from New Wave Flooring 7

Price -$16.90 to $22.00

Product name – Spring38

Pile height -38mm

Features– Long soft touch / Natural look / Kids & Pet-friendly

Roll size


Manufacture warranty – 10 years

Premier 35mm Synthetic Turf

A top-quality synthetic grass that looks and feels as good as the real thing, Premier35 is made to withstand the harsh climate of our state. It has a natural, soft feel and blends well with the native landscape. And like all of our grass, it’s pet-friendly!

Price – $20.00 to $26.00

Product name – Premier35

Pile height – 35mm

Features – Realistic and natural touch / Pet-friendly / Kids friendly / Long lifespan / Easy to install

Roll size


Manufacture warranty – 10 years

Sungrass Synthetic Turf

Sungrass is one of the latest designs with a luxury green natural-looking which is one of the best selections for new home builds or renovations. Its high density and thick blade pile can make the turf always look great and stand up/bounce back after stepping on top, which the landscapers and our regular clients always recommend. In addition, it comes with a 10 years warranty.

Artificial Premium Grass from New Wave Flooring 8

Price – $25.00 to $29.00

Product name – Sungrass

Pile height – 35mm

Features – Modern look / Dense / Soft to walk on / Long lifespan

Roll size


Manufacture warranty – 10 years

Buffalo Synthetic Turf

Top-quality synthetic turf in the market with a 40mm thick/high-density pile, a long lifespan of up to 25 years, and strong UV/weather protection, a great choice for your luxury dream home.

Price – $28.00 to $35.00

Product name – Buffalo

Pile height – 40mm

Features – Realistic buffalo looking / Soft to walk on / Dense / Long lifespan / Kids & Pet-friendly

Roll size 


Warranty – 15 years

Deciding on the right flooring for any room in your home can be a tough task. We will assist you in getting the best flooring solutions for your individual situations.

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