Artificial Grass in Perth – The best reason to install it 

Artificial Grass in Perth is the best thing you can think of if you want to give your lawn a new identity. We at New Wave Flooring commit the best quality artificial grass to you.

If you notice that more and more gardens are equipped with Artificial grass in Perth, you will realize that its unique appearance, countless variations, and practicality clearly make it an alternative to genuine grass, and it can also be used where natural grass will not grow.


The need for attractive, low-water landscaping is undoubtedly at the heart of this surge in popularity, but there are numerous more reasons Perth homeowners are turning to fake grass today more than ever.

Artificial Grass in Perth – 10 reasons to install it

Water conservation

The drought is real, and it threatens many Perth homeowners. With an ongoing drought and water restrictions becoming more stringent every year, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to start thinking about how you can conserve water in your garden. If you already have natural grass, it needs watering almost every day, even if it doesn’t appear to be dry on top. You might think that implementing a rainwater collection system or cutting back on watering is enough to reduce your water usage. But most people still end up having to supplement with tap water (or worse, broken sprinklers that dump gallons of water on their yard). Artificial grass doesn’t need any of this extra maintenance or attention—it looks great all on its own.


Highly Durable

Artificial grass is made from several materials, the most common being nylon and polypropylene. These materials make for a highly durable product that will last for years without any considerable wear and tear. In addition, artificial grass looks so realistic that it can pass as a real lawn.

No Maintenance Required

With artificial grass, there is no need to water or mow your lawn regularly. Typically, you only need to water your lawn once or twice a month depending on how often it rains in your area. There is also no trimming involved since there are no weeds or bugs to worry about.

Better Looking than Real Grass

Artificial grass is sure to make your lawn look better than any regular old lawn could ever look—and it’s hard to argue with that! When you install artificial grass in Perth, you can expect a smooth, seamless surface that will catch the light beautifully and reflect whatever color scheme you choose.

Can withstand dogs and kids

When you’ve got kids and/or dogs running around outdoors, even the best grass can’t stay looking great for long. Some species of the dog (and we’re looking at you here, Labradors!) are notorious for chewing up even the toughest types of natural turf—something artificial grass Perth homeowners don’t have to worry about.


No more muddy messes and shoes sticking to the lawn

It’s waterproof. No more muddy messes and sofas getting ruined by rain!

Wherever you live, there are bound to be seasons where you’re facing muddy messes, mud-ridden shoes, and the occasional lawn that just can’t seem to stay green. The good news is that artificial grass in Perth can solve all these problems and more! Once it’s been installed, you won’t even have to worry about your garden’s grass anymore.


Mildew, mold, and other types of mildew love the warm, moist environment that tends to collect under natural turf. With artificial grass installed at your home in Perth, you can enjoy your lawn year-round without having to worry about staining your clothes or shoes when you walk through it.

Environment friendly

It’s free from harmful chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides, so it won’t pollute the soil or run off into nearby water sources. There are no weeds – EVER – because it’s all in one solid mat and you never have to worry about pulling them up again! Your pets can also safely play on it without getting ill from toxic chemicals on their paws or fur!



One of the best benefits of artificial grass is its versatility. It looks great on any lawn and can be installed in almost any climate as well as on almost any surface (even roofs!). It’s perfect for yards with slopes or uneven surfaces where normal grass wouldn’t grow because it requires little to no maintenance and can handle heavy traffic like pets and kids running around without damage to the turf.


Installing an artificial lawn isn’t just a consideration for homeowners with pets or young children—it’s also perfect for those looking to save time and money. Artificial grass is also much less expensive in comparison to other types of lawns, so you can save yourself costly repairs from animal damage and be more flexible with your exterior design.

Artificial grass in Perth is quite a new trend that is getting known by some of the well-known and affluent families in Perth. The benefits of artificial grass are immense as it saves you time, energy, and water. Most importantly, you will have a well-maintained lawn throughout the year without spending too much effort.

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