Benefits of artificial grass in Perth climate

West Australian summers can be harsh, and maintaining a traditional lawn can be challenging. A popular alternative to natural grass in Perth is Synthetic Grass, as it has several advantages. 

As a water-wise and low-maintenance product, Artificial Grass could be the right choice for your outdoor space. 

Here are some advantages of choosing artificial turf for beautifying Perth homes and commercial spaces:

Artificial Grass has Low Maintenance Requirement.

Synthetic Grass is very low maintenance, making it ideal for people with a busy lifestyle. Once it has been installed, you can sit back and enjoy your outdoors without ever having to cut, shape, or thatch your lawn.

Artificial Grass is resistant to weeds, and it will be only on the rare occasion that you have to pull them out. 

Synthetic Grass Is Water – Saving

More people are becoming conscious of saving water, and synthetic Grass is a water-wise solution. No need for watering the lawn in summer, and your lawn won’t suffer if you leave the house for a vacation.

Your artificial turf will look alive and green all year round without ever using a sprinkler or having to install a reticulation system.

Synthetic Grass Is Family Friendly

A synthetic lawn is suitable for the whole family. This child and pet-friendly product are always a soft underfoot feel and can be used in pet daycares and playgrounds in any weather.

If you have a pool, artificial turf is a brilliant addition to the area. It is durable, is tolerant of swimming pool chemicals, and drains water well. Additionally, having some greenery will rightfully compliment any outdoor paving or decking.

Artificial Grass Has No Long-Term Costs

The initial investment in your synthetic lawn installation in Perth is justified, as there are no ongoing costs. In addition, with UV-resistant properties, the artificial turf won’t fade and would last approximately 20 years before needing to be replaced.

In comparison, a traditional lawn has continual costs such as lawnmower fuel and maintenance, water, and weed and feed products.

Synthetic Grass Requires No Chemicals 

Suppose you are conscious of the environment or sensitive to different solutions. In that case, you will be pleased to know synthetic lawn doesn’t need any harsh chemicals.

Say goodbye to fertilizers and weed killers, and always have an outdoor area that’s pet and child-friendly.

Making The Right Choice

Choosing artificial turf for your home/commercial space is a personal decision, but numerous advantages exist. First, this is a water-wise, low-maintenance solution that lasts years. Secondly, it has no chemicals and no ongoing costs, so your durable and UV-resistant synthetic Grass will look and feel just like new for many years to come.

Best Artificial Turf/Grass in Perth

At New Wave Flooring, we supply high-quality artificial turf products that all come with solid manufacture warranties.

So whether you’re new to the industry or you’ve been in business for many years and are interested in trying new suppliers – we have wholesale services for tradies, landscapers, and builders. 

We offer:

  • Free delivery for commercial purchases by tradies, landscapers, and builders
  • Free samples 
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Customer referrals opportunities

We also offer Artificial Grass for commercial properties – it saves money and time wasted in maintenance. In addition, it can quickly convert a dull outdoor space into an eye-catching feature within a property or premise. Our wholesale high-quality synthetic turf has maintained its premium appearance for many years, which means that your property will look better for longer.

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