Artificial Grass in Perth – The Benefits, Costs and Installations

Best Artificial Grass in Perth

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass has uniformity in looks and durability. In addition, it is low maintenance in the harsh West Australian weather conditions, which makes it a sensible choice for transforming outdoor spaces in Perth.

There are a variety of different styles of Artificial grass tailored to suit other purposes. Therefore, the artificial grass best suited for you will vary. For example, putting greens and athletic turf is very different from pet turf or landscaping turf.

So when you’re selecting your turf, keep the primary purpose of your turf in mind.

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How much does artificial turf installation cost in West Australia?

At New Wave Flooring, we provide the best quality artificial grass in Perth. At remarkably affordable and competitive rates, you can get high-quality turf from us.

Our product prices depend on the type of turf you choose and the desired length as per your requirement. Our prices per meter will ensure that you get the perfect synthetic turf for yourself at the best price.

 We believe in the quality of our grasses, and so they come with a 10-year warranty. Take a look at our Products and Pricing Page.

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What are the benefits of artificial turf?

Wholesale Artificial grass in Perth from New Wave Flooring is a premium product that blends beautifully with the natural environment without the hassles of maintaining a natural lawn. The many benefits of synthetic turf include:

  • It looks and feels like natural grass
  • Lush and attractive outdoor spaces all year-round
  • No mowing or weeding required
  • No irrigation required
  • No bindiis or prickles usually grow in natural lawns
  • No pollens that may cause allergies
  • No need for fertilizers
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Drains liquids quickly
  • UV-stable
  • Child-friendly
  • Pet-friendly

How to install Artificial grass in Perth outdoor spaces?

1. Preparation of the area to be covered with your new artificial grass is key to the successful installation.  Ideally, the site should be free of any organic matter before installation.

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Remove any existing organic matter to a depth of 80mm, ready to fill with 70mm blue metal dust (known as cracker dust, available from your local landscape supplier).  We recommend you dig out at least 110mm for car parking areas and fill up with at least 100mm blue metal dust (cracker dust).  Before backfilling with cracker dust, we recommend you compact the area.

  • Applying weed killer to the site and around the edges may reduce the likelihood of organic matter reappearing if you install the turf on the soil.
  • Seal sprinklers and test to prevent no water leaks.
  1. Fill up the area with blue metal dust, apply some water then compact the area.
  • Put the dust over the base at least twice.
  • Use levels and screening tools to ensure that the site is perfectly level before laying the artificial/synthetic turf,
  • Let the base level be 15-20mm lower than any paving/concrete edges before laying the artificial/synthetic turf.
  1. Spread out the turf and cut to leave approximately 50mm around the edge. If you are using joining tape, put the tape below the turf to be joined, join the turf, and put pins across the joints and edges.
  • It would be ideal if you spread the turf and left it on site overnight before installation.
  • Ideally, make the joint between turfs and trim the edges during the coolest part of the day.
  • Ensure that the grain is running in the same direction while laying out entire pieces of artificial turf.
  • Put pins at a minimum of 100mm intervals along with the joints and 500mm gaps along the edges.
  • Do not let turf blades get trapped under the pins.
  1. Kiln-dried silica sand ensures the sand is free of any organic matter. Spread kiln-dried silica sand on top of the artificial grass, brush against the pile with a stiff brush or broom, and then splash water on the turf to clean up the turf.
  • A minimum of 10kg silica sand is required per square meter of the synthetic turf.
  • A leaf blower is suitable to get rid of extra silica sand build-up.

The best Synthetic Grass in Perth

New Wave Flooring is a premium artificial grass supplier & wholesaler. We supply synthetic turf to builders, landscapers, and installers with whole rolls of artificial grass or cut-to-length for custom needs.

We sell a wide range of synthetic turf across all kinds of residential and commercial requirements. Our products look and feel like natural grass while having additional benefits. They are specially designed to withstand Australian climate conditions and are guaranteed to be long-lasting and durable.

With Perth’s best quality artificial grass, we can find the perfect grass to suit your needs.

The mark of a good quality artificial grass depends on its building material. All our turf is made from the finest quality nylon, polyethylene, and Polypropylene.

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Polyethylene is very versatile, and it exudes an excellent balance between looks, softness, and durability. Polypropylene acts as the back for your turf, and nylon is often used as a thatch layer that keeps the grass blades standing upright. All together, they are used to create a strong and aesthetically pleasing product designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. It is also safe for children and pets.

New Wave Flooring in Perth offers an excellent solution for your lawn with a range of artificial turf styles from which to choose. Choose us to discover the varied benefits of artificial grass/fake grass so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn this summer.

At New Wave Flooring, we supply high-quality artificial turf products that all come with solid manufacture warranties.

Whether you’re new to the industry or you’ve been in business for many years and are interested in trying new suppliers – we have wholesale services for tradies, landscapers, and builders.

We offer:

We also offer Artificial grass for commercial properties – it saves money and time wasted in maintenance. In addition, it can quickly convert a dull outdoor space into an eye-catching feature within a property or premise. Our wholesale high-quality synthetic turf has maintained its premium appearance for many years, which means that your property will look better for longer.

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