How long does Artificial Grass last?

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How long does artificial grass last?

Properly maintaining your artificial grass can make it last for at least 20 years or even longer.

How to select good quality artificial grass?

The best way to check the quality of synthetic grass is by looking at the backing. There are two levels of astroturf: primary and secondary levels.

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One should always look for a realistic-looking finish, smooth texture that feels nice on the skin, and good quality holed latex to allow adequate drainage.

And there are different types of artificial turf with premium quality at New Wave flooring to suit you.

Show me the Best Artificial Grass in Perth
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How to Install Synthetic Grass?

Installing Synthetic Grass is easy, and you can DIY [ Do it yourself ]. Here are some points to consider while installing the artificial grass ourselves.


  • Number one is always preparing the base before the installation.
  • Second, install the base foundation.
  • Third, install the turf.
  • Infill sand on the turf.

For the complete installation guideline, please visit https://newwaveflooring.com.au/synthetic-grass-installation/synthetic-turf/.

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What are the benefits of Synthetic Grass?

Choosing New Wave Flooring artificial grass will mean that you will get tremendous benefits. For example, you will have a lush and attractive lawn for longer than natural grass. In addition, you will never have to worry about mowing, watering, and weeding.

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  • No bindiis, no prickles.
  • Many people struggle with the issue of pollen allergies. Still, you never have to worry about it with New Wave Flooring artificial grass.
  • It is free from fertilizers and harmful chemicals and is child and pet-friendly.

Artificial grass is also UV stable and drains appropriately, just like natural grass.

Want to find the perfect grass for your home but cannot find the one for you and your unique home? Visit New Wave Flooring today!

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How to maintain AstroTurf?

The best way to maintain your synthetic grass is to clean it once a week. Cleaning your grass with a rake or brush to remove the unclogged debris is the best way to clean the artificial grass.

And New Wave flooring’s artificial grass requires the least amount of maintenance. And that, too, is backed up by ten years of warranty.

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Is artificial Turf pet-friendly?

Yes, your pets can freely play and do their thing on the synthetic turf just like they would do on the natural grass.

You don’t have to clean anything as it drains away just like rainwater which is the best part. New Wave Flooring in Perth offers an excellent solution for your lawn with a range of synthetic grass styles from which to choose.

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How to find the best Synthetic Turf?

New Wave Flooring is a premium grass supplier and wholesaler that sells a wide range of synthetic grasses to suit all kinds of requirements, from homeowners to businesses.

With Perth’s best quality artificial turf, we can find the perfect grass to suit your needs.

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