How to clean Hybrid floors?

How to clean Hybrid floors? Tips to clean it

A little and regular care and maintenance would make it easy to look after New Wave Flooring Hybrid Flooring in your home. To clean Hybrid floors, just follow the steps given below:

Precaution to take before you clean the Hybrid Floors

Doormats will absorb the maximum of dirt, sand, and stones from our feet and act as the first line of defense against having them scratch the hybrid floor. Therefore, we must place the doormats strategically inside and outside the door and clean them regularly.

We must fit all moveable furniture with felt pads and gliders to avoid scratching the floor when movement is happening.

Things like abrasive cleaners, steel scrubbers, etc., might harm the hybrid floor. In addition, oil, soap, polishes, and wax used for cleaning make the floor slippery and dull its shine. Therefore, we must read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning and never spray concentrated floor cleaners directly on the floor.

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Daily sweeping/vacuum

If we clean the hybrid floor with a soft, dry broom or vacuum daily, it will remove any loose dirt that may scratch the floor when we step on it.

Weekly cleaning of Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Floors need daily and weekly cleaning. We must use water and a pH-neutral cleaner to clean dirt, footprints, and other stains. With a damp cloth or mop, tougher stains can be removed by household ammonia and white spirit. Avoid using a wet mop which might make it slippery.

Hybrid Floor discoloration

We must use vinyl-backed mats or woven rugs to avoid the discoloration caused by rubber/latex from furniture backings. Otherwise, we must opt for dark-colored hybrid flooring.

Scratch Repair

Minor scratch marks on hybrid flooring are not an issue. We can clean the area and then apply furniture scratch cover oil with a clean white cloth.

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At New Wave Flooring, we supply high-quality, true-to-life designed, and affordable hybrid flooring to builders, renovators, and installers across Perth, WA, in various styles and colors. Our Hybrid Flooring combines the durability and strength of laminate and the soft and appealing look of luxury vinyl planks. It is a fantastic floating floor, best for Australian home aesthetics and extremes of weather. They are easy to install, and we provide 25 years of manufacturer warranty.

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