Best Way To cut artificial grass in a Right Way

Artificial grass is used extensively in landscaping and residential and commercial decorating because it is aesthetically pleasing, secure, and adaptable. 

In addition, artificial turf installation is a time-saving and cost-effective long-term investment. 

Knowing the best way to cut artificial grass is essential because proper cutting is crucial to ensure a high-quality installation and that the lawn is durable and attractive for many years.


The straight cut is intended to adjust the size of the roll to repair the paving areas. Since there won’t be any yarns present at the back and the back should be used to cut to make the process easier and simpler.


Synthetic grass is frequently cut with curves, giving your garden and yard a more natural and well-designed appearance. The secret to cutting the curve is to use both the object and the blade’s tip as a guide for cutting. You should leave as little space as possible between the object and the grass. Typically, a 1/8 inch or smaller gap is ideal.

Why Is It Important to Know the Best Way to Cut Artificial Grass?

The synthetic grass is rolled and packaged in the factory to account for transportation and production costs. However, the paving site is frequently complicated and contains a variety of things, including flowerbeds, trees, and pavers. 

Before installing the artificial grass, we might need to trim the lawn’s edge to ensure stability and a lovely surface. That is why knowing the best way to cut artificial grass is critical.

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Use the Right Tools to Cut Artificial Grass

Artificial grass-cutting equipment is often beneficial. First, the back will be cut because there are no fibers, and it is simpler to cut. Large scissors can be used for this, but an industrial cutter with blades proportionate to the thickness of the turf is preferable.

You must ensure that the blade you select has enough length to travel along the edges of the objects. You will receive a neatly shaped cut that perfectly encircles the object.

A marker pen, ruler, and compass are also essential for marking on the back of the turf. These tools help you cut precisely and create perfect circles or curves.

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Get Prepared for Cutting Before Installation


Preparing for cutting before the installation is essential, so everything goes quickly and smoothly. 

The suggestions below will remind you of all the steps you must take while preparing.


The first step before cutting artificial grass is accurate measurement. Then, the placement of every piece of artificial grass can be planned after measurement to achieve the best results.


If you make any incorrect cuts, there is no turning back. Therefore, before cutting, please design and plan it thoroughly. The best course of action is to map out every surrounding feature, including any trees, flowerbeds, pavers, or edging. 

Choosing how the artificial grass pieces will be placed across the entire lawn and where the joins will be is another crucial step in the planning process.

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Tips for Cutting Artificial Grass

Wearing gloves

A pair of gardening gloves is highly recommended; they help you avoid cuts in your hands caused by inattention or any other accident.

Keep the rolls turned upside down at all times.

When cutting artificial grass, always cut with the roll upside down. This enables you to follow the markings you’ve already marked on your turf.

Cutting slowly and in small increments.

Cut in small increments when dealing with curved corners or edges to guarantee a perfect fit. Minor cuts will also allow you to follow the fabric grain more closely.

Regularly monitor the progress.

Check your progress regularly and realign your blade as needed so that any errors are minor and not easily noticed.

Check that the yarn direction is the same.

After you’ve cut each section, you’ll need to connect the pieces from end to end. Check that the yarn in each piece is facing the same direction and that all the stitches are aligned. 

The seams should be invisible if you cut straight and match up the stitch lines correctly.

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Finally, knowing the best way to cut artificial grass is essential for doing it yourself. Before cutting, please read this article and carefully follow the guidelines. During this process, patience is required. Get in touch with New Wave Flooring for more information on our artificial grass. 

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