Artificial Grass Carpet Maintenance: Five Ways To Keep It Looking Brand New

Homeowners prefer artificial grass because it can stay healthy and presentable despite its minimal maintenance needs.

The reality is that your artificial grass carpet needs some care and maintenance to keep it looking good.

Fortunately, it’s simple enough to do yourself.

Today, we’d like to provide you with artificial grass carpet maintenance tips to keep it looking brand new.

Let’s take a look.

Artificial Grass Carpet Maintenance: Five Ways To Keep It Looking Brand New 6

Artificial Grass Has Specific Requirements

Artificial grass is not susceptible to the same threats as natural grass, nor does it necessitate routine maintenance procedures. 

An artificial lawn is not vulnerable to weeds or diseases/fungi, but it does risk other wear and tear in high-traffic areas and weather damage. 

In addition, because it is artificial, it will require time and attention once installed.

1. For Dusty Artificial Grass Carpet

  • Remove Debris – Gather up any fallen branches in your yard. Then, sweep up any fallen leaves or debris blown into your yard.
  • Rinse The Grass- Rinse your grass and remove any accumulated dust. The use of a hard spray may also cause fiber damage. Work methodically and gently remove all of the dust from your yard.
  • Brush the Grass – Brush the grass in the direction of its natural grain. Begin in one of the yard’s corners. Work straight across the yard, then step into your yard and repeat the process. Brushing your entire yard in this manner will assist you in keeping the grass upright.

2. For Mild Stains

Cleaning and caring for stains such as cola, urine, blood, coffee, tea, and other common substances is relatively simple. You must do the following:

Artificial Grass Carpet Maintenance: Five Ways To Keep It Looking Brand New 7
  • Be timely; cleaning up a spill as soon as possible is the best way to avoid a long-lasting, stubborn stain.
  • Using a towel or a dry absorbent, wipe away the spilled liquid.
  • Rinse the area with water and a mild household detergent mixture. This will not affect the fibers.
  • If you require a more powerful stain remover, replace the household detergent with a 3% ammonia solution in water.
  • Rinse the cleaner out entirely with fresh, cold water.

3. For Stubborn Stains

Oil, grease, pen ink, cooking oil, and crayons can all end up on your lawn, and they are often more stubborn than the daily substances listed above. 

If a stain does not react to mild household detergents or an ammonia mixture, try drawing out the stain with mineral spirits. With mineral spirits, the cleaning procedure is similar: gently rinse the area and wipe away any excess liquid.

4. For Sticky Stains

Tree sap and chewing gum can also become embedded in artificial grass carpets, but they are relatively easy to remove. 

Dry ice or aerosol refrigerants can freeze the sap or gum off the grass, which can then be scraped away.

5. Getting Rid of Other Artificial Grass Carpet Contaminants

Fungus or Mold: Use a soft sponge to apply 1% hydrogen peroxide in water solution to any fungus or mold you find. Then, using water, slowly and carefully clean it away.

Artificial Grass Carpet Maintenance: Five Ways To Keep It Looking Brand New 8

Getting Rid of Allergens: Pollen from nearby plants occasionally ends up on your artificial grass carpet. These allergens can build up if it hasn’t rained in a while. A spray with the garden hose will easily remove them.

Cleaning Lightly Soiled Areas: To clean lightly soiled areas, combine warm water with a 5% solution of household detergent. Sponge mop the carpet, then rinse it. It’s as simple as that.

Cleaning Heavily Soiled Areas:

  • If the artificial grass carpet is soiled, proceed with the above steps. 
  • Mop the area with a 3% household ammonia and hot water solution.
  • Once you’ve finished cleaning the area, rinse it.

What Are Some Essential Tools for Artificial Grass Maintenance?

Leaf Rake – A leaf rake is a 5-inch long brush with synthetic bristles. The leaf rake is one of the most effective tools for removing debris from the surface of the blades and over your artificial grass.

Push Broom- A push broom, as the name implies, is a broom that is only used on artificial grass to brush away debris and trash from the side surface.

Cleaner – A good cleaner is a valuable tool for maintaining artificial turf. This tool is even more important if you have pets who frequently remain on the artificial turf. 

Using cleaners can assist you in killing viruses and bacteria that are present in any artificial grass maintenance cleaning services. 

Artificial Grass Carpet Maintenance: Five Ways To Keep It Looking Brand New 9

Water Hose – Water hoses are gardening tools used to water lawns. It aids in the removal of turf. Food, drink, and other natural occurrences, such as mud, can leave stains on your turf.

Sponge Mop – Sponge mops are mops that have a sponge attached to them as a cleaning agent. These are frequently used, including for cleaning artificial turfs.

Why Is Artificial Grass Carpet Maintenance Important?

Your artificial grass carpet may receive a lot of foot traffic. That is why you should know the advantages of cleaning synthetic grass carpets.

The advantages of brushing synthetic grass carpets are immediately apparent; the blades will stand upright instead of looking matted.

Use a brush with synthetic bristles to brush your artificial grass carpet.

How Do You Remove Pet Waste From Artificial Grass?

Pet waste can be easily removed by scooping and disposing of it. Most of the time, rain or rinsing the lawn will remove any odors. If it doesn’t, mop the area with an equal mixture of white distilled vinegar and water. Keep the following tips in mind for easy removal of animal waste:

Wait for Animal Droppings to Dry: Do not remove any animal droppings until they have dried. If the waste is dry, you are less likely to spread it around the area.

Rinse Regularly: Keep your lawn surface clean by rinsing it with the hose. This encourages the drainage of animal urine. Rinsing your lawn is especially important in dry areas.

Artificial Grass Carpet Maintenance: Five Ways To Keep It Looking Brand New 10

Artificial Grass Requires Only Minimal Upkeep Throughout the Year

Learning artificial grass carpet maintenance is essential for extending its lifespan. You installed a new lawn because you want a beautiful yard all year.

Fortunately, learning how to clean artificial grass is much easier than maintaining a grass lawn. 

We at New Wave Flooring are happy to provide advice on how to clean artificial grass and can recommend products that make artificial grass carpet maintenance easier.

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