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Whether you’re wanting to give a great first impression out the front, or create your dream entertaining area in the backyard, now’s the perfect time to get those Outdoor Home Improvements started!

Due to global circumstances beyond our control, we’re all spending a lot more time around the house this April and May. While many of us are missing the convenience and comforts of our pre-COVID-19 lifestyle, there are a few positives that come with being quarantined at home; foremost being all the extra time to finally complete all those Outdoor Home Improvements projects we’ve been putting off!

Whether you’ve dreamed of bringing your backyard entertaining area to life with a new deck or BBQ area, or have been meaning to do something about that sad patch of grass and weeds out the front, New Wave Flooring has all the materials to help you make your ideal outdoor setting a reality. From artificial lawn to composite decking or garden pebbles and stones, we carry a huge range of styles, colours and sizes to suit all needs and get you started.

If you’re needing some inspiration, read on below. And if you’re ready to turn your Outdoor Home Improvements from drab to fab, call or email us today!


Outdoor Home Improvements –  Synthetic Grass

Outdoor Home Improvements

Synthetic or artificial grass can be an excellent way to beautify your backyard on a budget and add some much-needed value to your home. New Wave Flooring’s signature product is one of the fastest-growing outdoor trends in Australia, and for good reason – not only is it affordable and looks great, but synthetic lawn can save you time and money in the long run.

Australia is well-known for having one of the harshest summers in the world, which can equal massive water bills just trying to keep that strip of lawn from turning brown beneath the unrelenting heat. Synthetic lawn, on the other hand, requires almost no water, meaning you can save that cash rather than wasting it fighting a losing battle against the elements.

Unlike normal grass, which requires regular maintenance in the form of mowing and weeding, artificial lawn needs to almost zero attention to look amazing all year round! Instead of spending your Sundays hunched over pulling out those annoying patches of clover and burrs, or dragging a lawnmower back-and-forth across your yard, you’ll have more free time to do the things you actually enjoy!

New Wave Flooring has a wide range of artificial grasses, including Summer Natural, Lush Natural and even Putting Green for the golfers out there! With a huge selection of sizes and styles, we can even offer some advice on installation – check our handy guide here.


Outdoor Home Improvements- Composite Decking

Outdoor Home Improvements

Australian’s are in love with the outdoor deck. It can be an eye-catching addition to every backyard or patio and the perfect place to entertain guests and host a BBQ from. However, traditional timber decking has many downsides that keep people away from this classic Aussie-look: it weathers quickly under the harsh elements, it requires a high-level of maintenance to keep it looking reasonable and it can be a big effort to install. That’s why composite decking is one of the fastest-growing outdoor products around the globe, as it delivers the same classic look while avoiding all of these drawbacks.

Comprised of plastics, wood fibres and bonding agents, composite decking requires none of the regular treating, sealing or staining that traditional timber decking needs to maintain its look. While a deck made from wood will begin to look faded and aged after a few weeks under the sun, composite decking retains a polished, clean appearance year-round with next-to-no effort required. And with no warping or cracking from the rain or sun, composite decking also feels great on the feet with no fear of splinters!

Available in a huge range of grains and colours, New Wave Flooring is a leading supplier of composite decking. Whether you’re after that classic Jarrah style, or you’re in the market for something more modern such as a graphite-finish, we’ve got it covered. We also offer all the extra bits-and-pieces required to easily install it yourself – so come in and see us today!


Outdoor Home Improvements – Stone Wall Cladding


Not specifically an outdoor product, as it looks great inside the home as well as outside, stone cladding has exploded in popularity in the last decade thanks to it’s great, organic look and amazing value. Traditionally, using stone was expensive and unwieldy as a result of the materials required, which made it prohibitive for renovators on a budget. However with advances in cladding, not only is achieving that stone wall look more affordable than ever, it’s also far easier to install and maintain.

New Wave Flooring  has a great range of styles and textures available from our Display Center, and we can offer helpful advice on installation – speak to us today!


Outdoor Pebbles and Stones


One of the most aesthetically pleasing natural materials you can use in a garden, outdoor pebbles and stones can provide the perfect accompaniment to your plants, trees and pavers. Garden pebbles can also provide a practical function by assisting with drainage, forming paths through your backyard and restoring water to soil that’s been exposed to the sun. They work as an alternative to mulch and can help prevent soil erosion and protect plants roots. Not to mention, they look fabulous and can improve the look of your garden without a huge degree of effort!

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