Fake Grass Around Pool: Is It a Good Idea?

Your pool may be the crown jewel of your backyard, but it will only be genuinely spectacular if a lush green lawn surrounds it. Unfortunately, it is challenging to keep natural grass around a swimming pool.

Fake Grass Around Pool
Fake Grass Around Pool: Is It a Good Idea? 8

Some natural lawn alternatives, like rock gardens and walkways paved with flagstone or brick pavers, require more maintenance, especially if you have a busy household with pets or kids.

That is why fake grass around pool is the best practice one can opt for. Before we continue, consider the benefits and drawbacks of some of the most popular materials.

Natural Grass

A lush green lawn surrounding your pool is the quintessential summer look. While it may appear low-maintenance, numerous chores are required to keep it reasonable, such as weekly or biweekly mowing and watering, fertilizing, pulling weeds, etc.

Fake Grass Around Pool
Fake Grass Around Pool: Is It a Good Idea? 9


Paving the area with flagstone or brick pavers is another popular option. Although this can be very appealing and provide a more even surface than grass, it can be pretty costly. In addition, the higher the cost, the thicker the consistency.


It is a low-cost option, and it’s best for walkways. Concrete can be stamped to look like brick or flagstone, but it is more challenging to maintain.

Fake Grass Around Pool
Fake Grass Around Pool: Is It a Good Idea? 10

Fake Grass Around Pool: What Are Some Advantages of Using It?

Artificial grass around the swimming pool is the perfect choice to use for many reasons,



Because the turf around the pool does not become slimy when wet, you can let your children run around without fear of them falling or stumbling on uneven ground. In addition, it adds more friction to the surface, making it safe for installation around pool.

Fake Grass Around Pool: Is It a Good Idea? 11

Easier to Maintain

A synthetic lawn is simple to maintain, no matter how busy you are. To make cleanup easier, sweep up any leaves or debris that fall onto it and hose it down once a month.

No Chemicals are Required for Fake Grass

Because synthetic grass does not require fertilizing or watering, you can avoid these chores entirely. This also means no chemical runoff, which is better for the pool and the environment. In addition, since mowing is not required, the carbon emission from lawnmowers is nonexistent.

Fake Grass Around Pool: Is It a Good Idea? 12


Another significant advantage is that there is no mud! The surface of artificial grass is unique in that it repels moisture, dirt, and debris while maintaining a plush appearance.

No more muddy footprints, patches, and dogs digging up mud holes in the turf. Fake grass is more durable than natural grass in heavy rainfall.


There are numerous shapes and sizes of synthetic turf available for use around your pool. You can use cool colors or add faux stone accents for added drama.

Fake Grass Around Pool
Fake Grass Around Pool: Is It a Good Idea? 13

The Safety Factor

Whether you are a parent or a pet owner, safety is always a top priority, and we value your safety and those around you. Artificial grass is very safe, making it safe for pets and kids.

Artificial Grass is Long-Lasting

Several homeowners install synthetic lawns because they withstand harsh weather, from direct sunlight to the perpetually wet area around your pool. It can also last at least eight years and possibly longer.

Fake Grass Around Pool
Fake Grass Around Pool: Is It a Good Idea? 14

Discover more about installing artificial turf around your pool

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