Fake Grass Rugs: Make Your Space More Inviting 

Fake Grass Rugs: Make Your Space More Inviting 

Fake grass rugs can be used indoors and outdoors as a temporary event decoration or a permanent installation. It can be a design choice as well as a functional one!




So how do you make sense of all its different names, and where are you supposed to use them? 

With this guide, we hope to save you from the disappointment of purchasing artificial turf only to discover that it is not what you expected after opening the box.

By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you will know exactly what to look for when buying fake grass.

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Fake Grass Rugs: Your Guide to Decorate Your Home or Backyard

The artificial turf we use in our products is UV-protected plastic fibers on a flexible marine backing. It’s soft and comfy to walk on but also thin and light.

Remember that the artificial turf used in New Wave Flooring is not the same as the synthetic grass that can be installed in your backyard for a permanently green landscape. 

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Because of the flexible marine backing used on our artificial turf products, our synthetic turf is simple to fold and store.

This also means they will stay dry if you place the turf rug near your pool. The turf’s all-weather polypropylene fibers are mold and mildew-resistant, allowing it to air dry quickly. It’s simple to hose down and clean!

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Rugs for Picnics and Camping Trips

Instead of taking the dirty blanket along with you to the picnic, it’s best to use artificial turf rugs. Use grommets to secure the corners to keep them from flying away in the wind. And it folds up easily to fit in the back of your car!

Perhaps you’re going camping and want to unwind outside your tent. Bringing out a turf rug and a couple of camp chairs can reduce dust and create a quick outdoor living room.

Fake Grass Rugs: Make Your Space More Inviting  10

Bring Nature Inside with Artificial Grass Rugs

Artificial grass rugs add an unexpected element of fun and sophistication to living rooms. 

A plush green rug can easily add a cozy, natural feel to any living room, bedroom, study, children’s room, or other living space. In addition, you’ll appreciate the soft and skin-friendly feel beneath your feet.

Picture waking up in the morning with the sun streaming in through the window at the head of your bed and your bare feet resting on a plush grass rug that will brighten your day. 

Artificial grass carpets are also ideal for gyms and exercise rooms.

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Turf Rugs for Your Outdoor Living Room

Artificial turf makes it simple to add a splash of color to your balcony garden or small courtyard. It can also be used to clean the inside of your backyard shed by covering the floor. 

If you want to add fun to your outdoor seating, try using fake grass for upholstery.

Because it withstands outdoor exposure better than most outdoor fabrics, add a whimsical touch by covering your outdoor furniture with synthetic turf rugs. The list goes on and on with bar stools, ottomans, and pillows. To know more about turf rugs visit new wave flooring.

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