Premium Hybrid Flooring - How to Choose One for Your Home?

The flooring in each room serves a different purpose, just as each room in your home has its own function. Whether you want to make a room look larger, feel more inviting, or protect it from high moisture, the right flooring is essential to how a room feels and functions.

Here are our top recommendations for choosing and maintaining the floors in each room of your home.


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Premium Hybrid Flooring – How is it Made?

Plastic is mixed with wood or limestone to create hybrid flooring, which is pressed tightly into multiple layers. The hybrid floor layers are as follows:

  • UV coating or protective layer (wear and scratch resistance)
  • The aesthetic layer (usually stamped to mimic a natural timber floor)
  • Core layer (water/temperature change/warping resistance)
  • A layer of pre-adhered (backing – adds underfoot comfort and ease of installation)

It’s Kitchen-Safe

“Should I continue my floorboards into my kitchen?” is a frequently asked question. What about messes?” The thought of ruining your brand-new floor due to an overflowing sink or an unavoidable spill is every renovator’s worst nightmare.

Because hybrid flooring was created with this in mind, the waterproof technology makes it ideal for the kitchen and butler’s pantry. In addition, continuing your flooring throughout the entire space helps keep your look cohesive and contemporary in open-plan homes.


It is Human-Resistant

If you’re anything like us, you adore the appearance of a wood floor. It’s tactile, warm, and adds a sense of the great outdoors to our homes. The disadvantage is that any type of scratch or scuff is permanent, and replacing damaged planks can be expensive. 

Premium hybrid flooring was developed to mimic the look and feel of traditional flooring.

The tough top layer of a hybrid plank is designed to withstand anything your family can throw at it, including the inevitable scratches and dents. So you won’t have to be concerned about your four-legged family members wearing down your floors.


Cleaning is Easy

Organizing – It’s unavoidable in everyday life, but hybrid floors will astound you with how low maintenance they genuinely are. You can say goodbye to specialized cleaning products like polish or wax because a simple vacuum or sweep will keep them in pristine condition daily. 

In addition, because hybrid floors are waterproof, you can shine them up with a mop now and then. Because hybrid planks click together, you won’t have to worry about dirt hiding in gaps, allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects of life.

Premium Hybrid Flooring

Obtain the Timber Look Flooring

Timber flooring is undoubtedly an attractive option that has remained popular despite changing styles and trends. However, cost and durability are real issues for any household with children, pets, or anyone who isn’t keen on the required upkeep.

Hybrid flooring has come a long way in recent years by using advanced technology to replicate the intricate grain patterns, which appear to be natural timber at first glance. GAT Flooring, our go-to hybrid flooring supplier, has a beautiful range of styles that can be used in any home, whether you want a contemporary, coastal, or Scandi look.

Timber flooring is unquestionably an attractive option that has remained popular over the years as styles and trends come and go. However, cost and durability are a real concern for any household with children, pets, or anyone who isn’t keen on the required upkeep.


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