Artificial Turf for Pets - Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass

It’s no secret that pets enjoy playing in the yard. They run around, use the restroom, dig, and engage in other messy activities. When you’re a dog owner, there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching your pet play in the backyard. But cleaning up their waste can be frustrating. However, artificial turf for pets makes it incredibly easy to clean up.

Artificial Turf for Pets

Artificial Turf for Pets – What Are Some Benefits?

Let’s look at artificial grass’s advantages for your dog!

Installing Turf Means Less Digging!

Dogs, depending on the breed, enjoy digging and digging some more! However, dogs’ access to these messy activities is limited by artificial turf. This means no more holes to patch, and no more mud tracked through the house, and fewer emergency baths.

Artificial Turf for Pets – Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass

Fewer Pests and Bugs

Pests may thrive in the moist soil of the lawn and eat the long blades of grass. Fleas and ticks are especially prevalent in residential areas.

With artificial grass, you can avoid an expensive trip to the vet and be confident that your pup will not be bitten or infested while rolling around in the greenery.

Artificial Turf for Pets – Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass

Artificial Grass Needs Minimal Maintenance

Consider the usefulness of artificial turf:


      • No mowing or trimming allowed.

      • Weed removal is not required.

      • There is little to no mud or dirt.

    The best part? There are no pesticides. Not only will you keep your dog – safer by avoiding harmful chemicals, but they will also not have to wait for the pesticides to dry before they can play.

    Artificial Turf for Pets – Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass

    Comfortable and Inviting

    For your dog, artificial turf is soft and inviting. Gone are the days of unsightly, dry brown spots caused by drought or other decay, prickly weeds, or rough grass patches.

    With no flea risk, your dog can happily play in the grass for hours without fear of making a mess or stepping in anything harmful.

    Artificial Turf for Pets – Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass

    How Do I Maintain Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass?

    There is no argument regarding the upkeep of fake grass versus natural grass.

    Artificial turf requires almost no maintenance once installed. To keep your lawn green all year, there is no need for mowing, weeding, edging, or watering.

    Homeowners with synthetic turf lawns can spend their Saturdays enjoying their yards rather than mowing them!!

    Artificial Turf for Pets – Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass

    How to Clean Fake Grass for Pets?

    While artificial grass requires no maintenance, you should spray it down with the hose once or twice a week to prevent ammonia from pet urine from building up and causing odors.

    This should not be done with a pressure washer. The use of force is unnecessary and may harm the grass.

    The only other upkeep needed to keep your artificial grass looking gorgeous is to use a broom or rake on your grass to remove any twigs and leaves, then simply fluff the turf with a rake in high-traffic areas to maintain its soft, lush appearance.

    Artificial Turf for Pets – Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass

    What Should You Avoid When Purchasing Pet Turf Products?

    There are a few things to avoid while purchasing fake turf for pets:

    Many turf companies sell ceramic or “odor control” infills that ostensibly complement fake grass for dogs.

    Infill clogs the holes in hole-punch turfs, preventing proper drainage. If your dog has diarrhea occasionally, cleaning the infill can be messy and aggravating.

    Artificial Turf for Pets – Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass



    Get a free estimate today from new wave flooring if you’re interested in installing artificial turf for pets in your yard! We’ll ensure your family and beloved dog have a place to enjoy for years.