The Benefits of Timber-look Tiles

About Timber look tiles

Many people will love the look exuded by wooden home décor choices. Wooden floors in the house generates an element and feel of warmth and a closeness with nature, but wood doesn’t necessarily suit every home. It also can’t be used everywhere like standard porcelain or ceramic tiles.

In fact, several major problems arise when using wood. The main issue is that it needs constant maintenance and can degrade over time. To enjoy the charm that wood brings without experiencing the fuss that comes with it, you can consider using reliable wood substitutes. We’re going to look at the practical benefits of using floor tiles that have a timber look instead of actual timber.


Problems that come with using real timber

The great thing about timber is its versatility. You can use it as flooring for most parts of the house. Timber is a perfect addition to hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms. You can also use it outdoors on verandahs and patios. Timber surfaces should be probably sheltered if intended to be used outdoors. The effects of water over time can be damaging. Because of this, it makes sense to avoid using timber in areas prone to moisture such as the bathroom. Unlike a standard tiled surface, timber floors can easily get stained if you were to spill oil or paint. You will need to seal timber by using special coatings to give it a quality glossy look.

The most significant issue that comes with timber is the fact that it is very expensive. Timber also comes in multiple grades, the higher of which is better when considering durability and tone. If you do plan on using timber for your home, it is recommended that you choose a higher grade. As mentioned earlier, you need regularly to maintain the look and finish of timber. Expect to incur ongoing servicing costs if you want to keep your timber floor looking pristine. Waterproof varnishes can be applied to improve its state over time when prone to moisture.

The cost of installing timber flooring can make it a pipedream for most people designing their perfect home. Both the actual cost, installation, and maintenance expenditure that comes with using real timber make it an impractical option. If you want floors with a wooden finish minus the cost, you’ll be happy to know that alternatives exist.


Benefits of timber look tiles

Timber look tiles might not be the real thing, but it takes an incredibly discerning eye to be able to tell the difference. With many quality timber look tiles available, the wooden surface has been correctly copied. Timber look or porcelain wood look tiles are now widely available in a range of highly realistic patterns that look fantastic. Some of them even mimic the natural imperfections to ensure that you wouldn’t realise that you’re standing on porcelain and not timber. Additional contrasts and details like veining, knots and shade make them look even closer to the real thing.

Timber look tiles present a broad range of advantages over pure timber flooring counterparts. First of all porcelain faux timber tiles are stronger and scratch resistant. You can tile any part of the house whether indoors or outdoors. Basic spills and stains can easily be wiped off without running the risk of doing considerable damage to your precious floor.

Porcelain faux wood tiles can be used in bathrooms or around pools because they’re not going to decay or rot in the presence of water and can stay there for many years without having to employ any particular or ongoing treatments. You don’t need to repolish or reseal porcelain tiles over time which cuts down on maintenance.

Faux wood look porcelain tiles are never going to change colour or fade. Because of this, you can use them to seamlessly blend your indoors and outdoors with one concept for floor design. Another advantage is that doesn’t deserve more recognition is the fact that wood look tiles present a sustainable option that limits the number of trees been cut down and forest being cleared to farm timber.

Make the choice today. Porcelain wood tiles offer greater design possibilities and are a cost-efficient option due to much lower maintenance and due to their durability.

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