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Home Improvements to fit your lifestyle

The home is your castle, which means the interior should be fit for a King or Queen, whether it’s packed with the full royal family or is your own private sanctuary.

With all of us spending more time inside the home, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut looking at the same boring floors day after day. Could it be time to refresh the surfaces of your house? New Wave Flooring offers heaps of easy solutions to turn your tired old lino or tiles into something that doesn’t just look amazing, but also feels great beneath your feet! You don’t have to re-mortgage your house to give your floors a fresh style, with plenty of affordable and easy-to-install options readily available.

If you’re needing some inspiration, read on below. And if you’re ready to give your floors a bold makeover, call or email us today!

Timber Look Tiles

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Australians have a love affair with wooden floorboards – they’re durable, stain-resistant, retain heat and they look great. However, there are also downsides; they’re expensive, require lots of upkeep and can be a huge pain to install. That’s why wood-look tiles can be a great option, with the ability to replicate the look and feel of floorboards without the expense and effort.

Timber-look tiles from New Wave Flooring are extremely eco-friendly, using natural clay rather than real trees to create that classic look. They’re also easy to maintain and unlike genuine wood surfaces, don’t require regular treatment to prevent fading, cracking and chipping; simply mop and clean to maintain a great look.

With plenty of styles and grains to choose from, you can have a completely new look in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.


Porcelain Floor Tiles

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The classic European marble-look never goes out of style and its popularity has remained consistent over the decade for good reason. However genuine marble can be extremely expensive and tough to install. That’s where porcelain floor tiles come in, giving you that beautifully polished glitter look without the high cost and weeks of tradies coming and going from your house.

Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom, New Wave’s selection of porcelain tiles mean you can give your home that classic European look without going broke. They’re extremely versatile, meaning it’s not just floors that you can tile but walls, countertops, backsplashes and shower areas too. And if you need some advice on installing, we’ve got plenty to give.


Travertine-look Tiles

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Travertine stone has been used for centuries in design and architecture, appearing in some of the most famous structures in the world including the Coliseum, the Basilique Du Sacre Couer in Paris and more. Used as a polished, gorgeous floor and wall tile, genuine Travertine stone is beautiful and durable, which is why it remains popular to this day.

Our Travertine-look tiles complement most home décor, and is far more affordable compared to genuine marble and granite tiles while remaining luxurious. It’s available in a range of colours and is environmentally friendly, adding great value to your home. Visit our Display Center today to find out more!


Stone Wall Cladding

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Not specifically an outdoor product, as it looks great inside the home as well as outside, stone cladding has exploded in popularity in the last decade thanks to it’s great, organic look and amazing value. Traditionally, using stone was expensive and unwieldy as a result of the materials required, which made it prohibitive for renovators on a budget. However with advances in cladding, not only is achieving that stone wall look more affordable than ever, it’s also far easier to install and maintain.

New Wave Flooring  has a great range of styles and textures available from our Display Center, and we can offer helpful advice on installation – speak to us today!

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