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Decking backyard – Create a backyard paradise with composite decking


Decking backyard – decking can beautify your backyard

Backyard living is part of our way of life in Australia. And given our busy lifestyles, minimal maintenance is a must. Fortunately, creating a beautiful outdoor oasis vibe at home is easy with composite timber materials.

With a little planning and the right products it’s easy to turn your outdoor space into one you never want to leave, so you can enjoy the great outdoors, and take full advantage of the beautiful Australian sunshine.

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Start with a stunning, low maintenance deck

A lot of homeowners want a deck where they can enjoy entertaining and relaxing, but don’t want the endless sanding, staining or painting that goes with it. The solution is a composite timber product that once installed, has little to no maintenance.  Composite timber won’t attract mould need painting / resealing, or for you to hammer in nails that protrude due to twisting.  A product that has the beauty of wood, but won’t rot, warp, crack or splinter.

Composite timber decking from New Wave Flooring is very easy to install, making it a great DIY project. The hidden fixing system, is stainless steel to ensure the decking boards expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall and provide an even 4mm gap between boards.  Plus, there are no unsightly plastic tabs between the boards.


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