Pet Friendly Artificial Turf: The Best Option for Your Pets

Pet Friendly Artificial Turf – Turfs that pets can enjoy

For many people, a house wouldn’t be a home without their furry companion. However, most could deal without all the mess a dog can leave behind. From holes in the garden, to the muddy paw prints all throughout the house, lots of mess can be created from your dog’s urge to dig. Luckily artificial grass in Perth can be a great solution to your problems. Artificial grass for dogs can provide a safe and effective option for your pet to enjoy the outdoors without having to sacrifice a fantastic lawn or a clean house.

Artificial grass for dogs

pet friendly artificial turf

Many people resist switching to synthetic alternatives to grass out of concern for the health of their pet. This fear is unwarranted as our grasses are completely non-toxic and safe for pets. Dogs can run around every day of the year on soft, durable grass and you don’t have to worry about them damaging it as the turf is so strong. This means that holes in your backyard will be a thing of the past and muddy or prickly paws won’t be an issue either.

We all know that dogs like to do their business on the grass so artificial variants must be well equipped to deal with this. Our dog-friendly artificial grass has extra drainage which is designed to minimise pooling and makes it easy to clean if any odours remain.

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Why artificial grass is great

Artificial grass saves a lot of time and money, especially with a pet in the picture. Although, the artificial grass price is typically higher initially, the longevity and low maintenance of the product will save you money in the long run.

Even the most energetic pet will fail to do damage to our artificial grass meaning your investment will outlast the alternative, and need replacement significantly less. Additionally, money will be saved on your water bill and no maintenance products like fertilisers will be required.

Minimal maintenance

Artificial grass in Perth requires very little maintenance which means that there is far less to worry about. No need to worry about holes in the garden or chewed patches of grass allowing your garden to stay in prime condition. You won’t have to worry about worn, muddy patches in your lawn so your dog will stay cleaner which means less time washing your pet as well.

Urine won’t pool, but will drain right through the fibres. As our artificial grass is stain resistant, there’s no need to worry about urine stains either. However, if you feel the area is a little odorous it can be easily washed away with a quick spray of the hose.

With no need to mow, weed or fertilise you can spend your time enjoying the companionship of your pet instead of pesky maintenance work.

Artificial grass is a great choice for dogs as it looks completely realistic, drains effectively, and is a safe and clean alternative to natural grass. At New Wave Flooring, we sell only the highest quality turf that will satisfy your four legged companion while keeping your home looking amazing.

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