Composite wall cladding WALNUT




PRICE IS PER length.


200mm× 5400mm

Introduce a touch of sophisticated flair to your property with our Walnut composite wall cladding, an exquisite choice for those in Perth seeking a balance between style and durability. This premium cladding captures the essence of walnut wood’s rich, chocolatey tones, offering a decadent aesthetic without the extensive maintenance that typically accompanies natural wood surfaces.

Our Walnut composite wall cladding stands as a beacon of innovation in Perth’s building materials sector. It is meticulously designed to be resistant to the region’s diverse climate, from the hot, dry summers to the cool, wet winters. The composite material guarantees no fading, cracking, or peeling, providing an effortlessly stunning façade year after year.

This product is not only about visual appeal; it also boasts an environmental conscience, crafted from recycled materials to offer a greener alternative to traditional cladding. Its installation is streamlined and efficient, with a secure interlocking system that enhances the walls with a contemporary and clean-lined finish.

Whether updating the look of your home or finishing a new commercial space, our Walnut composite wall cladding is a smart investment. It transforms any structure into a striking feature of Perth’s landscape, ensuring your space stands out with an elegant, timeless design that is as enduring as it is beautiful. Choose our cladding for a luxurious look that lasts, mirroring the resilience and charm of Perth itself.


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