Composite wall cladding Charcoal



PRICE IS PER length.


200mm× 5400mm


Composite wall cladding
Product: Composite wall cladding
Dimensions of each panel: 200mm (width) by 5400mm (length)
Other available colors: Teak, walnut, Ash Grey and charcoal
Composite corners and trim are available to match the color

Infuse your architectural endeavors with the bold and contemporary aesthetic of our Charcoal composite wall cladding. A premium product in Perth’s design landscape, it offers the perfect fusion of modern sophistication and practical functionality.

Our Charcoal composite wall cladding brings the striking appearance of natural charcoal to life with its deep, muted tones and subtly textured surface. Crafted with the demands of the Perth climate in mind, the cladding is built to last, providing resistance against the fading effects of sunlight, the onslaught of rain, and the threat of termites.

The beauty of this composite wall cladding lies not only in its visual appeal but also in its minimal maintenance. Free yourself from the laborious tasks of painting or sealing – a simple wash is all that’s needed to maintain its majestic appearance. The smart design of the cladding also ensures an effortless installation, with panels that lock together seamlessly, creating a uniform and visually appealing facade.

Sustainable, durable, and strikingly beautiful, our Charcoal composite wall cladding is an excellent choice for residential or commercial buildings looking to make a statement in Perth. Embrace this robust material for a facade that captivates attention while withstanding the tests of time and nature with unwavering grace.

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Other Colours

Ash Grey
Light brown