Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf — Keep your pets happy

Pet friendly artificial turf is an excellent choice for your backyard because of its advantages. Be it a dog or a cat, and the grass is indestructible from damage. Your pets can’t damage it by running around on it or even chewing it. It also facilitates the easy flow of urine. A backyard with artificial grass makes your yard perfect all year round. 


Australian artificial grass specialists New Wave Flooring provides the best fake grass and synthetic turf for your backyard.

There is no denying that Australian summers are hot. Still, with a backyard oasis with artificial grass prices, you can stay cool while enjoying all the benefits of your private getaway. 

At New Wave Flooring, we provide the best in luxury pet friendly artificial turf options so you can create your perfect outdoor sanctuary guilt-free. 

With a range of beautiful pet friendly artificial turf varieties to choose from, we have the perfect lawn for everyone – and at a fraction of the cost of natural grass installation! So don’t wait any longer – explore our website today and find out which artificial lawn suits you.

The look of your backyard can make all the difference to your property value. A beautiful yard adds to your curb appeal, giving a positive first impression of your property. 


Pet friendly artificial turf — Why do you need it 

Dogs like to run and play in grassy surroundings, but the problem is the mess they make and the time taken to clean up after them. This can be solved by adding artificial grass to your backyard.​

Let’s face it, in the winter. Your grass will be brown and dead. So choosing suitable artificial grass for your backyard and dog can be daunting.

But not if you have artificial grass. After all, there are countless advantages to installing synthetic grass in your yard:

-It stays green all year long

-You never have to mow it

-It’s easy to maintain

-It doesn’t attract insects as natural grass does

-It can cost less than natural grass (depending on the size of your yard)

-It’s hypoallergenic and safe for kids, pets, and even adults with allergies!

We know you’re ready to give artificial grass a try. So what are you waiting for? Now is the ideal time to install it!


Pet Friendly artificial turf: Which type is suitable for your pet?

Australian synthetic turf is a higher quality option and will last much longer. This is an excellent alternative if you want something that will look good for many years and is ideal for pets that enjoy playing outside.

There are numerous Pet Friendly artificial turf options available, including:

Buffalo synthetic turf: Buffalo grass is one of the most popular choices for pet owners because it has a soft texture that feels like natural grass but doesn’t require mowing or watering. It also comes in various colors and lengths, so you can get precisely the look you want for your yard.

Sungrass synthetic turf: Sungrass for pets is a great way to keep your pet happy and safe. It’s soft and durable, so your pet can run around all day without hurting their paws or getting sore. Sungrass also looks excellent, so you can be sure that your home will always look its best with this product!


Installing our pet friendly artificial turf is much easier than you would think. There are a few easy steps to installing your new lawn:

  • Excavation & Ground Preparation
  • Installation of Compact Road Base
  • Installation of Granular Filling
  • Edge Restraint (if required)
  • Laying Artificial Grass Rolls
  • Securing Edges with Adhesive, Infill & Clean Up

Now you know the types and advantages of artificial grass and how to choose the best one for your particular situation. In addition, synthetic grass does not need mowing or watering, which can be hard to find for those who want to protect the environment. 

It’s a viable solution for any dog owner trying to find a way to keep their dogs off of the hot pavement in the summer months. Among other things, it allows owners to exercise their dogs without excess dirt or mud.

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