Poolside Pavilion to Spruce Up Your Poolside


Poolside Pavilion: A Pleasing Addition to Your Outdoors.

There’s no doubt that summer has arrived which means it’s the perfect time to think about sprucing up your pool area. With this summer shaping up to be quite a scorcher your pool area is likely to be somewhere that you spend quite a bit of time in the coming months. A poolside pavilion made with the finest composite decking in Perth could be a fantastic addition to your pool aesthetic.

poolside pavilion

Analyse your space

When creating an outdoor entertaining space it’s going to be different for everyone. That’s  why it’s important to assess your space. You may already have decking that surrounds your pool and you just need the shelter built on top. Maybe you already have a patio that could be repurposed. Or perhaps you’re simply starting from scratch. Working with what you’ve got is the best way to save money and can ensure you achieve the right space for you.

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composite decking for pools

Consider how your outdoor entertaining area will be used

Obviously, the design should be affected by how you anticipate your pavilion being used. Is it a quiet relaxation spot or an entertaining area? For large groups or small retreats? Your answers will alter the needs of the space. For example maybe a large entertaining area would require a BBQ or a cooking area. This would of course then affect the design in order to ensure the resulting space is functional.

Choose your style

A pavilion is as much about aesthetics as it is about functionality. When thinking about poolside designs, choosing your desired style early on can help you maintain a sense of consistency when selecting the products you’ll want to use.

Select the right material

Your pavillion will be exposed to the elements and, due to its location next to a pool, a lot of water. It’s important that you select a waterproof material that is resistant to wear and tear. Composite decking in Perth is an incredible poolside material. It is incredibly long lasting, with resistance to scratching, cracking and mould and low maintenance, with no need to sand, paint or stain it. With composite decking you can build your pavilion safe in the knowledge that you will be spending much more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining it.

composite decking for pools

Storage solutions

One great use for an outdoor pavilion is to provide storage space. Towles, pool toys and equipment (as well as any BBQ or kitchen utensils) all need to be placed somewhere so why not find this extra use for your outdoor space. From cupboards and cabinets to benches that double as storage, you can find solutions to match your style.

Final touches

Now for everything that will bring your entertaining area to life. Furniture, plants and soft furnishings can be selected to match your chosen style.

Composite decking Price

When considering the cost of constructing your pavilion you must think about the price of the material but also account for the size of your entertaining space and for the cost of composite decking installation. Luckily, New Wave Flooring has got the most competitively priced composite decking in Perth.
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