How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost Per M2?

Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular, in large part because it offers a high-quality, low-maintenance lawn that is suitable for use at home and is friendly to pets and kids.

Additionally, it can be used at corporate events, exhibitions, and in retail and office settings. How much does an artificial grass cost per m2? 

Given all the benefits it provides, more and more people are concluding that artificial grass is worth the initial investment.


Artificial Grass Price Per M2 Estimation

The cost of artificial grass is usually calculated per meter sq. So, the first thing you’ll need to know to calculate the overall cost of artificial grass is the square footage of your project.

Don’t let the total cost of the installation intimidate you.

Keep in mind that installing artificial grass is an investment that will eventually pay for itself and increase the value of your home, just like any other home improvement project.

Artificial grass provides a high-quality surface designed to create a golfer’s paradise. If you enjoy golf and want to practice your swing with an appropriate bounce in your garden, this grass is an excellent choice.

Artificial grass is a one-time expense that pays itself for two to five years.

New Wave Flooring’s artificial grass designs and materials range in price from $9.90 to $29.00 per m2.

Numerous factors can influence the overall cost, so we encourage you to contact us.

What Are the Factors That Influence the Cost of Artificial Grass?

The Kind of Turf

If you’ve ever had new flooring installed in your home, you are already familiar with the variety of heights, textures, colors, and feels available. Similar variations can be found in artificial grass in these places. 

Some artificial turfs are light green, while others are dark green. The height and width of the blades can vary, and other materials, like tan fibers, give them a more natural appearance. Like any product, the turf’s quality and functionality can affect the price.

Additional Features

Depending on the client’s needs, add-ons may be included with artificial turf. The type of infill applied to the turf, additional padding or backing for support, and even chemical sprays to aid in odor control are extra expenses.

Not every customer will need or want these additions, so each price varies depending on the customer’s needs.


What Advantages Come With Artificial Grass Installation?

Installing artificial grass on a property is the best investment for a homeowner or business. The numerous advantages of installing artificial grass are listed below.

Saves Time

Instead of mowing and maintaining your lawn, spend time with your family and friends.

Saves Money

Maintaining a natural grass lawn is expensive. New Wave Flooring’s artificial grass products save money on mowing, fertilizing, watering, and maintaining a natural grass lawn.

Easy to Maintain

Maintaining a natural grass lawn takes time, money, and patience. However, you only need a stiff-bristled broom, water, soap, and a few minutes of your time each month to switch from natural grass to artificial grass.

Child and Pet-Safe

You don’t have to worry about children and animals being exposed to the dangerous chemicals used on natural grass when you use synthetic grass. This is because the turf has built-in antimicrobial technology that will never lose its effectiveness.

Environmentally Friendly

Help our planet by doing your part! To combat the growing water shortage, replace natural grass with synthetic grass. Artificial turf will help you use less water and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Looks Natural

It is impossible to keep natural grass green all year long. No, not with our fake grass! This grass always appears natural, green, and full regardless of the temperature or rain.


How Much Money Can I Save by Using Synthetic Grass?

Now the crucial question of “How much does artificial grass cost per m2?” has been addressed. Let’s turn our attention to the other important question: “How much money will artificial grass help me save?”

At first, switching to artificial grass might seem pricey, but you might be pleasantly surprised when considering the extensive costs of maintaining a healthy natural lawn.

For example, a 2,500 sq ft natural grass lawn will cost between $30,000 to $40,000 after 15 years of initial costs and yearly upkeep.

But a 2,500 sq ft artificial grass lawn will only require the infill to be replaced and a power brushing as annual maintenance due to the virtually non-existent need for turf maintenance.

Your turf installation will pay for itself in three to five years, depending on its size.


We hope this blog has helped to answer your questions about artificial grass price per m2

Hopefully, you should now have a better idea of how much artificial grass will cost. However, the price and complexity can vary depending on the requirements.

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