Cutting composite decking boards is simple

Cutting composite decking boards is not difficult if you have the right tools and equipment. However, composite boards are made of plastic, which means they can chip and crack if they are not cut correctly.

The most important tool is a power miter saw, but you can also use a circular saw for straight cuts. If you’re using the power miter saw, adjust it so that it’s set to make a 45-degree angle cut. If you’re using a circular saw, change it so that its blade is set to make a 45-degree angle cut as well.

Once your tools are ready, look at your composite boards and decide which way they need to be cut to fit together properly. If your decking is made up of several different pieces, you may have to cut them all at once, so they fit together seamlessly or in such a way that they form an interesting pattern when laid out on the ground.

cutting composite decking boards
Cutting composite decking boards is simple 5

Whether or not you want your cuts to be hidden from view depends on how you plan on installing them — if they are visible from inside your home, then they should overlap slightly so that there is no visible gap between each piece of wood when laid out next to each other.

Cutting composite decking boards depends on the type of composite decking you choose

  • They’re made from recycled plastic bottles, which are environmentally friendly.
  • They have a low-maintenance coating that makes them easy to clean with just soap and water or a hose.
  • They’re available in various colors, textures, and patterns, so you can choose one that fits your tastes best.

Cutting composite decking can be done in various ways –While some people prefer a power tool, others utilize a circular saw. If you have an older saw with a dull knife or a newer one not designed for this type of project, it’s time to replace it. Next, you need to consider the size of your project. It will be simpler to do it yourself than hiring someone to do it if you’re simply performing a minor task, like repairing a small portion of decking or putting an addition to the side of your house.


Cutting composite decking boards – How are Decking Boards Cut?

Wood and composite materials can be sliced. The composites must first be marked where you want to cut them. Use the proper saw next based on your desire. Doing this may mark and cut the decking’s whole edge for a cleaner, more accurate cut.

  1. Chalk – You will also need chalk to mark your decking board before cutting it. You can use the mark as a reference to ensure that you cut your decking precisely. You can create your decking with white chalk. They require less cleaning. 
  2. Measure tape – A tape measure is crucial to cut your decking. Before cutting the wood or composite boards, use tape to measure and mark them. Always measure twice and cut once.

Cutting Decking Boards: Step-by-Step 

  1. Measure and mark your decking board – Measuring the decking is the first step to do if you want to cut the decking to size—Mark the board’s length after measuring it. Chalk or a pencil can be used to mark the deck board. Draw a straight line on the decking board using a straight edge you can find. Mark, your decking, then start cutting it.
  2. Cutting composite decking boards – Use a circular saw to begin cutting your wood decking. You can also use a table, miter, or hand saw if you don’t have a circular saw. Please remember that the overall cut and appearance will vary based on the tool and the number of teeth. Following the chalk mark you establish on your decking, begin cutting the boards.

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How long does cutting composite decking boards take? – The complexity of your deck design will influence how long it takes to cut composite decking. For comparison, it takes roughly 4 to 5 hours to install deck boards utilizing a hidden fastening technique on a pre-framed rectangular substructure. This time estimate excludes foundation, railings, stairs, and built-ins.


A composite decking board can be easily cut with the right tools and equipment. However, composite boards might flake and break if they are improperly cut because they are made of plastic.

New Wave Flooring suggests some pointers on how to cut composite decking boards properly:

  • To avoid guessing where to cut, mark the composite deck pieces.
  • Any standard wood saw will do; just make sure it’s sharp and maintained. Whether you’re using a circular or miter saw, we advise using a medium-tooth saw blade.
  • When using a power tool, cut through the decking with the blade. Avoid touching your fingers near the moving edges!
  • At the deck edge, allow a few inches. This will enable you to cut the extra material in one motion after drawing a single line through the entire border. The outcome will be a cosmetically pleasing edge that is straight and smooth.

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