Bathroom vinyl flooring

Bathroom vinyl flooring – Transform your bathroom with vinyl flooring

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a makeover, consider vinyl flooring options. Modern luxury vinyl floorboards  have taken the functional benefits of vinyl for the bathroom floor and reinvented their appearance, creating excellent visual appeal.


Vinyl flooring is one of the best options for bathrooms. While stone or ceramic tiles are the traditional choice, vinyl flooring offers higher performance at a lower price point, making it the superior option. The key benefits of vinyl flooring in your bathroom are:

·         Visual appeal:

There’s no need to sacrifice the style of your bathroom – vinyl mimics the beautiful appearance of stone or timber according to your preference. Many also feature the same underfoot texture.

·         Moisture resistance:

Timber flooring looks timeless and elegant in a bathroom, but it isn’t always stable enough due to fluctuating moisture levels in the wettest room of the home. Vinyl is completely impervious to moisture, meaning you enjoy the style of timber with no risk of warping.

·         Slip protection:

Vinyl is available in unique finishes.

·         Simple installation:

As a floating floor, vinyl can be installed over any subfloor in your bathroom. They are also softer than tiles and can be more easily cut to size as required.

·         Cost effective:

High quality tiles can cost as much as $165 per square metre.

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