Composite Decking Design Ideas for 2022

Composite decking design ideas to beautify your home

Looking for ways to maximize composite decking in terms of design? In this article, let’s look at some ingenious and trendy ways to make use of this nifty material.

Aside from choosing composite deck over traditional wood, another decision that you need to make is the kind of composite deck that you will buy. This includes the deck width, surface color, and wood pattern. You need to consider these factors, because they need to align with your design plan in using the composite decking.

Check out three design ideas in using composite decking this year:

  1. Break the lines with unconventional shapes.

Although it’s easy to line up composite decking one board beside another, one trend that architects have been bringing to modern homes is the idea of taking non-rectangular shapes onto wooden floors.

A good example of this is a garden patio with a circular floor area. The unique orientation shifts the attention from the straight-lined decking to the central oval, which you can set up as a dining space or a centerpiece area.

  1. Install composite decking on walls and bench

If you’re going for minimalism and visual continuity, use the same decking from the floors to an adjacent wall. This creates an optical illusion of oneness in your design, bringing the space to a higher level of style and sophistication.

In addition, you may even have a custom bench made out of the composite deck for added design unity.

Composite Decking Design Ideas

  1. Use composite deck as a transition from indoors to outdoors

Is your house flooring made of wood while the exterior is concrete? Use our 88mm Dark Grey composite deck as a transitionary surface in between them, say on the patio or the welcome terrace. This allows the perfect union between the interior and exterior parts of your place of residence.

Besides, the seemingly seamless transition will be easy on the eyes, giving you plus points in terms of home design aesthetics and Instagram-worthy backgrounds!

By following our ideas above, you should be on your way to make the most of composite decking and enhance the aesthetics in your home.

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