Premier IRONSTONE Solid Composite Decking


  • Price is per board, each solid Deck board sizes (width x height x length): 138mm x 20mm x 5400mm
  • Price includes GST, fixings, and delivery within the Perth metro area (minimum order of 20sqm/28 full lengths). A $150 delivery charge applies for orders under 20sqm.
  • The actual color may vary slightly from the website image.
  • Fascia boards are 110mm x 10mm x 5400mm, priced at $45 per length.
  • Bullnose edge boards are available in the same size: 138mm x 20mm x 5400mm.


PRICE IS PER LENGTH, EACH LENGTH: 138mm × 20mm × 5400mm


Introducing our Ironstone composite decking, the embodiment of strength and elegance for the discerning Perth lifestyle. This product merges the robustness of iron with the grace of stone, offering an unrivaled decking solution that stands as a paragon of modern outdoor design.

Our Ironstone composite decking is the result of innovative engineering, designed to endure the unique Perth climate. Its exceptional composition not only resists the wear and tear of time but also the challenges posed by the elements. With a steadfast colorfastness, the deck’s deep grey tones, reminiscent of natural ironstone, will not fade even under the relentless Australian sun.

The decking’s surface boasts a textured woodgrain that not only enhances its visual appeal but also ensures a non-slip experience, providing safety without sacrificing style. Despite its robustness, our Ironstone composite decking requires minimal upkeep. Forget the laborious oiling, sanding, or staining – your deck remains impeccable with just simple cleaning, allowing more time for relaxation and less for maintenance.

Installation is a breeze with our user-friendly system, designed for both speed and aesthetics. The hidden fasteners mean no visible screws or nails, just a flawless, continuous surface that complements any outdoor setting.

Crafted with sustainability in mind, our Ironstone composite decking in Perth incorporates recycled materials, reducing waste and promoting environmental responsibility. Transform your outdoor area into a haven of sophistication and solidity with Perth’s premier composite decking choice – a timeless investment into your home’s future.

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Teak, Ash Grey, Smoky Ash, Limestone White, Jarrash, Charcoal, Ironstone