Premier TEAK Solid Composite Decking


  • Price is per board, each solid Deck board sizes (width x height x length): 138mm x 20mm x 5400mm
  • Price includes GST, fixings, and delivery within the Perth metro area (minimum order of 20sqm/28 full lengths). A $150 delivery charge applies for orders under 20sqm.
  • The actual color may vary slightly from the website image.
  • Fascia boards are 110mm x 10mm x 5400mm, priced at $45 per length.
  • Bullnose edge boards are available in the same size: 138mm x 20mm x 5400mm.



138mm × 20mm × 5400mm


Step into the sanctuary of your own backyard with our Premier Teak composite decking, a luxurious addition to Perth’s sophisticated outdoor living culture. Inspired by the golden-brown allure of natural teak wood, this composite decking brings an exotic touch to your personal retreat.

Boasting a blend of timeless charm and advanced material science, our Premier Teak composite decking is crafted to resist Perth’s climatic challenges. Engineered for durability and longevity, it stands up to the test of time, unaffected by the harsh Australian sun, persistent rain, or the wear of daily life. The beauty of teak is now effortless, without the need for the constant upkeep traditional wood demands.

With the warm tones of teak, our decking creates a welcoming ambiance for any outdoor setting. The fine woodgrain texture not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also offers excellent traction to prevent slips, making it safe for all kinds of gatherings.

Environmentally conscious and practical, the decking is made from recycled materials and is extremely easy to install, thanks to a smart fastening system that leaves no visible screws for a flawless finish.

Our Premier Teak composite decking transforms outdoor spaces into stylish, comfortable extensions of the home. It’s not just a deck; it’s a destination. With our decking, Perth homeowners can achieve the perfect balance of elegance and resilience, crafting an outdoor living area that is both enchanting and enduring.

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Teak, Ash Grey, Smoky Ash, Limestone White, Jarrash, Charcoal, Ironstone