Artificial Turf Maintenance – Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve had your synthetic turf installed, you know that it can save you a lot of time and money. Your lawn will look great for years to come because it is designed to withstand the elements. However, just like all other artificial turfs, it requires extra care and maintenance. 


There are some things that homeowners must know about maintaining their synthetic turf areas to keep them in pristine condition for many years ahead.

Artificial Turf Maintenance – What Tools are Required?

Artificial turf maintenance is something that you should be doing regularly. It will ensure that your turf looks great and stays in top shape, making it last longer.

There are many different tools available for artificial turf maintenance, but we have found that the following tools are essential:


1. A broom or brush for sweeping up leaves and other debris from your lawn. Use this tool to remove any dirt stains that may appear on your turf after heavy rainfall or snowfall (use warm water and soap).

2. An electric leaf blower for removing leaves and dirt from your lawn (make sure there is no oil on the blades).

3. A leaf rake removes small pieces of debris, such as sticks, twigs, and rocks, from your lawn without touching them with your hands (make sure there is no oil on the blades).

Artificial Turf Maintenance – How to Clean it For Long Term

The first step in cleaning your artificial turf is to sweep it regularly. You’ll want to ensure that all the dirt, dust, and debris are removed from the surface before cleaning with any other tools. 

This will help prevent damage later down the line when you use more powerful methods like vacuums or pressure washers.

Next, avoid using chemicals that might stain or discolor your artificial turf when cleaning your artificial turf. This includes bleach and other cleaners that contain chlorine or ammonia. These chemicals can cause permanent stains on your turf and make it look less appealing.


Instead of using these chemicals, try using water or mild soap like dish soap on your turf. You can also use vinegar as an alternative if you’d like something with fewer chemicals but still gets the job done well enough!

Remove Pet Waste from Artificial Turf

If you have artificial turf, you know that pet waste can be a problem. It’s not just the smell and the mess but also the fact that it can ruin your turf if you don’t take care of it quickly.

The first step is to pick up any solid waste immediately after your pet makes it. The longer it sits on the turf, the harder it will be to remove later. 


For stains that won’t brush off with a broom or hose, try using a solution of water and dish soap — it should help loosen some of the dirt and grime on contact so that you can wash it away more easily later on.

Remove Spills & Stains

Removing spills and stains from your artificial grass is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Vacuum the area to remove any loose dirt

2. Use a soft brush or cloth to get any remaining dirt out of the fibers

3. Apply a light coat of mild soap and water mixture (just enough to dampen the area)

4. Use a scrub brush or sponge to rub the stain away gently

We hope this guide answers every question you have about artificial grass maintenance. We know a lot of information is out there, so don’t hesitate to do extra research if you’re curious about something we didn’t cover!

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