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Artificial grass installation perth can be the best choice for your lawn as it is attractive because of its aesthetics and its obvious cost savings. In addition, the aesthetics of synthetic lawns will increase your curb appeal and, by extension, the value of your property.

There is, however, no inherent aesthetic appeal. By choosing the right type of synthetic grass for your lawn area, almost anyone can enjoy the many benefits of synthetic grass.

Synthetic turf is an excellent choice for residential and commercial use, anywhere from schools to playgrounds. The choice and flexibility are unmatched, and you’ll never go wrong if you choose quality artificial grass or synthetic turf. 

Artificial Grass Installation Perth – What is it?

Artificial grass or synthetic grass is a surface made of man-made fibers that look and feels like natural grass. Sports applications commonly use artificial grass. For example, artificial grass is more common on a high school football field than real grass in certain parts of the country. Other types of sports are also utilizing it, such as batting cages, soccer fields, and baseball fields. It is also used for residential and commercial landscaping.


Synthetic lawns became popular in the 1960s. However, artificial lawns had a bad reputation in the past because they were fake. The latest generation of synthetic lawn products looks like natural grass. The infill materials include sand and recycled rubber, which can be walked on without damaging fibers.

Grass that Looks like the Real Deal!

There are so many types of artificial grass to choose from. Depending on the color tone, pile length and density, and the thatching, some grasses look more like real grass than others.

Some types scream fake even from a distance, so your lawn is a synthetic one. You will want to avoid such artificial grass and stick to synthetic lawns that closely resemble the actual grass in your local area.

We can help you narrow down the best types of grass for your needs by talking to our experts on the kind of grass you want to be installed. In addition to asking about grass length and texture, the supplier should know how natural grass looks in your area for a better match.

A professional company will be happy to provide you with some samples. The samples are available for you to try out at your home or business, and you will get a better idea of how your lawn will look once it has been installed. The grass you choose should also be highly durable and UV-resistant.

Invisible Joints

Uneven joints can seriously compromise the aesthetics of your artificial grass installation Perth. Installers often use cable ties or wooden planks to connect rolls of turf. In addition, you shouldn’t allow joint lines to run across your turf.


Later on, correcting uneven and visible joints can be quite expensive. Due to the aesthetics, you will have little choice but to get the problem fixed. By ensuring that the artificial grass installation Perth is done the first time correctly, you will avoid extra expenses at a later date. Choosing a professional installation company ensures that you can cut your artificial turf and push the joints together so that they do not stand out on your lawn.

No Wrinkles and Creases

Artificial grass lawns can be wrinkled and creased if you make mistakes when preparing and laying the base. Your synthetic turf may slump if its base and surface are not leveled properly. It is also possible to get wrinkles if you use too much or too little infill.

When stretching out the turf, it is also important to be careful not to cause the same problem. Experts know that the turf needs to be stretched out very tight before being secured. For best results, experts will also lay your turf out for a few hours so it can get accustomed to your lawn.

No Drainage Problems

When it rains, you’ll see puddles of water on your artificial grass. The flooding is certainly not an attractive sight, and you can’t forget that your kids and pets may wish to play in the puddles. 

Installing an aggregate base allows water to drain more efficiently into the soil. In addition, a properly leveled base and turf itself prevent water from pooling in divots. Last but not least, drains throughout the synthetic grass ensure that it drains effectively.

Minimal Weeds

A natural grass lawn is prone to weeds, but a properly installed synthetic lawn is easy to maintain!

Professional installers will pull out existing weeds as part of the preparation process for artificial grass installation Perth. An even more important step is the installation of a premium-quality geotextile or weed barrier. This protects your synthetic turf from weeds.


Only Trust the Experts!

Would you like a synthetic lawn that looks good before, during, and after its installation? The best synthetic grass can provide a smooth, even lawn without wrinkles, weeds, or anything that may detract from its aesthetics. Make sure you choose your synthetic grass wisely and get skilled and experienced professionals to install it. New Wave Flooring is the industry leader you can trust!

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