Best Dog-Friendly Artificial Grass – Your Buyer’s Guide

While a beautiful natural lawn is an excellent addition to any home, it is not easy to achieve. Lawns require yearly overseeding, year-round weed control, and constant mowing during the growing season.

After that effort, dogs can quickly devastate a perfectly manicured lawn with grass-killing urine and damaging digging.

An artificial lawn is a viable option for those who don’t want to invest countless hours and dollars to create the ideal natural yard.

Artificial lawns stay green all year and can withstand dog abuse. They drain well and have antimicrobial treatments to keep pet waste odors at bay. They’re also low-maintenance and require no chemical treatments regularly.

Continue reading the buyers’ guide on the best dog friendly artificial grass, and take a look below to know why you should install artificial grass for your dog.

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What to Look for When Choosing the Best Dog Friendly Artificial Grass?

Choosing the best dog friendly artificial grass requires careful planning and product research. Learn more about factors to consider when shopping for artificial grass, such as material, pile height, density, and drainage.


Material is essential when choosing the best dog friendly artificial grass. The grass blades are polyethylene or polypropylene to withstand foot traffic and harsh weather while resisting pet urine damage.

The turf has an infill beneath the grass layer that serves two functions. First, it should have drainage holes to prevent urine from soaking into the grass and causing foul odors. Second, infill also gives the grass a bouncy feel, making it more comfortable for the owner and the pet to walk on.

Pile Density and Height

Pile heights can range from 0.8 inches to 1.6 inches or more. The lower pile drains faster but has less cushioning. Grass with a higher pile feels plusher and more cushioned, and it lasts longer.

In addition to pile height, grasses differ in turf density. The turf face weight, determined by the turf’s weight in ounces per square yard, is used to calculate density. The thickness of artificial grass typically ranges from 40 to 80 ounces per square yard.

Fade Resistance

Because most artificial grass is used outside in the sun, it must be able to withstand Ultraviolet rays, which can cause colors to fade fast. Best dog friendly artificial grass will be UV resistant, preventing the green from fading to an unappealing yellow in the summer sun.


Artificial grass is available in mats or rolls. Mats can range from 3 feet by 5 feet to 7 feet by 13 feet. Larger swaths of synthetic grass are sold in rolls similar to carpets, making them simple to install. These rolls can be as narrow as 5 feet and as wide as 15 feet, with lengths as long as 100 feet.

Drainage and Maintenance

When a dog pees, the liquid must go somewhere, so drainage should be considered when selecting artificial grass. Holes in the backing of artificial grass should allow fluid to flow through to the ground below. Artificial grass with good drainage will also do a better job of keeping urine odors at bay.

Artificial grass requires little maintenance. To clean artificial grass, rinse it with a garden hose regularly to remove any dust on its surface.

Some of our top picks include


This 30mm premium synthetic grass is as close to the real thing as you can get; luxuriously real and dense. With a natural feel beneath the foot, and a short pile, perfect for kids and dogs to play on, it fits right in with the Western Australian landscape.


Soft and fresh underfoot but natural undertones make it one of the most realistic artificial grass lawns available. This 38mm grass is one of New Wave Flooring’s biggest sellers.


In terms of new home builds or renovations, Sungrass is one of the latest designs with the luxury green natural-looking appeal. Its high density and thick blade pile can make the turf always look great and stand up/bounce back after stepping on top. The landscapers and our regular clients consistently recommend it. In addition, it comes with a ten years warranty.

Why Should You Install Fake Grass for Dogs?

Installing artificial grass for dogs has several advantages. Not only is synthetic grass simple to maintain and clean, but it also helps keep your home clean by producing no mud or grass clippings. 

In addition, you can hose down the turf to remove any urine or solid waste remnants.

Artificial grass also aids in the reduction of pest populations on a property. It does not allow bugs like fleas, ticks, and ants to nest and multiply like real grass. 

Furthermore, unlike natural grass, your dog will not be able to damage artificial grass by digging in it or killing it with its urine.

  • Artificial grass is simple to maintain.
  • It doesn’t leave mud or clippings behind that a dog can track into the house.
  • It will not support insect breeding.
  • It is not vulnerable to digging or pet urine damage.
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Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs And Children?


Most of our customers are looking for the best dog friendly artificial grass. We tell them that synthetic grass is ideal for pets. Urine drains quickly with optimal drainage, leaving no odors behind. 

Pet droppings are also easily removed from synthetic turf; pick them up or spray them away! Artificial grass is also very durable, making it difficult for your dogs to dig or chew on it. 

Another advantage is that it does not create mud puddles, which means no more muddy paws tracking through your house.

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Is It Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, an artificial lawn is entirely eco-friendly. This product is made with environmentally friendly standards and contributes to water conservation.

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How Do You Clean Pet Turf?

It’s simple! Rinse with water to clean the artificial turf. Pick up solid waste from pets, and the residue can be sprayed clean. Rinse as often as necessary to avoid odors caused by bacterial spore buildup. 

The ideal turf’s infill is “Rounded Silica,” which allows water and pet urine to flow right through while limiting bacteria and odor.

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Even if you want to install the best dog friendly artificial grass, deciding which pet turf is best for your dog can be difficult.

However, you can shop confidently now that you’re familiar with the terminology and features of synthetic turf.

While online research is an excellent place to start, it’s even better to speak with experts over the phone or in-person to get answers to your specific questions.

If you want to install the best dog friendly artificial grass, please get in touch with New Wave Flooring.

Our team of professionals is happy to show you the different products we offer.

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