About composite decking – An overview

About composite decking – What You Should Know Before Choosing Composite Decking

There are many things to think about before committing to what kind of material you’ll use to build your deck. Traditional timber is still a very popular option, but for many, building using composite decking in Perth is the superior choice. But the perks of composite decking still elude many people and they just don’t know what they don’t know. We’re here to help you with this handy guide.

What is composite decking?

People have a good idea what wood decking is made of, but composite decking can be confusing. These decks are made from recycled plastics and wood products along with other bonding agents. Together, they form a far more durable, low-maintenance material that still has the aesthetic charm of pure timber products all the while lasting significantly longer.

About Composite decking

How much does composite decking cost compared with pressure treated wood?

Most people who have considered composite decking know that the upfront cost is definitely more than that of traditional timber. While this is something to keep in mind it’s also worth thinking about why. The higher cost is offset by factors such as a longer lifespan, a resistance to rot and significant durability, minimising the threat of scratching, splintering and snapping. All this coupled with its much lower upkeep costs and suddenly composite decking prices seem quite reasonable.

Composite Decking Prices

Will my composite deck look like plastic?

Although they are partially made of plastic, quality composite decking will not have a tacky, plastic look. It’s true that certain composite decking suppliers in Perth sell low-quality decks and these can look particularly unappealing, but at New Wave Flooring, we sell only the finest quality decking. Our composite decks mimic, and sometimes enhance, the aesthetic qualities of wood ensuring that you get the perks of wood without the downsides.

How do you maintain composite decking?

It’s important to remember that although composite decking requires far less maintenance than wooden decking, that doesn’t mean no maintenance at all. You will still need to get some mild detergent and warm water to scrub it down occasionally. But this sure beats worrying about polishing, sanding or replacing broken and splintered boards though.

Does composite decking get hot?

Due to our hot weather, when thinking about getting composite decking in Perth you need to be aware of how hot it can get. We’ve made striking improvements in decking technology in recent years and newer decking tends to be much more resistant to heat than the decking of days gone by and much more comparable to wooden decks. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that darker boards are naturally going to get hotter than lighter ones, so if that’s an issue for you be sure to go for the latter.

What colours are available?

Because of the nature of composite decking it is available in a wide variety of colours. We tend to think the best composite decking resembles real wood, so we supply a range of shades carefully designed to hold on to the aesthetic charm of wood. Black decking boards, as well as shades of grey are also available. This allows for a lot of flexibility as you can match numerous elements like wall cladding and lighting to your deck.

Can I install composite decking on my own?

You 100% can! And we have a DIY composite decking installation guide available here if you are so inclined. However, we still tend to recommend leaving it to the professionals for most people. Professionals are expertly trained and have the rules memorised greatly reducing the chance for anything to potentially go wrong.

About Composite decking About Composite decking

Where to buy composite decking in Perth?

New Wave Flooring is your one stop solution anytime you need composite decking in Perth. We sell only the highest quality decking boards so you can be assured that all our decks will be durable, beautiful and long lasting. So if you’re still looking for top quality, composite decking suppliers in Perth, look no further than New Wave Flooring. Get in touch with us now by emailing info@newwaveflooring.com.au or give us a call on 08 6406 1488.

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