Tile trends – Some best trends to consider for your next project

Tile trends – Latest trends for your home

Although many design trends are consistent throughout the years, when you want to give your home a modern feel, looking at the latest trends and designs can be just what you need to help give your home a much-needed facelift. 2019 is drawing to a close, which means it’s the perfect time to look at what type of tiles Perth homeowners couldn’t get enough of this year. With a wide range of styles from classic subway tiles to porcelain tiles, here are some of the biggest design trends you’ve probably noticed this year.

Hexagon-shaped Tiles

When thinking about tiles to use for the bathroom floor traditional shapes like squares and rectangles have dominated the industry for many years. However, these standard shapes are slowly being replaced by other, more interesting, geometric designs. Hexagon-shaped tiles have been an incredibly popular choice for many people, who have been looking for a more modern, interesting design this year. Hexagons create a gorgeous aesthetic and looks fantastic in a wide variety of sizes, colours and textures. No matter where you put them, they make a fantastic, interesting alternative for your bathroom tiles in Perth.

Timber Look Tiles

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Who can deny the charms of a wooden floor? Traditional timber flooring has long been a staple of many homes worldwide. However, it has fallen out of favour in recent years due to its continual maintenance requirements and susceptibility to water damage.

So, is there a way to get that stunning timber look without all the baggage? Timber look tiles do exactly that. They are made to be highly durable, resistant to scratching and water damage, so they are perfect for high traffic areas. Plus, they are also highly affordable. No wonder timber look floor tiles in Perth have been one of the standout tiles of 2019.

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Marble Subway Tiles

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A white subway tile is a truly timeless choice. As a constant in the renovation world, 2019 has not seen any decrease in the popularity of these tiles. With their clean, elongated look, these tiles create a classic, sophisticated ambience and they are especially popular in bathrooms.

However, if you do want to shake up this timeless look with a more modern twist, one trend we’ve seen this year is getting this beautiful design in marble.  This gorgeous, durable, shatter resistant material combined with the subway tile look can create a truly stunning, textured atmosphere.

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Cement Tiles

Sustainability has certainly become a more pressing issue compared to days gone by. Luckily these days there are more options for the environmentally conscious consumer. If you are such a person, a great option to consider are cement tiles.

As a combination of sand and clay, these tiles are environmentally friendly but (as a bonus) also very durable. Natural colour pigments are used to make every tile incredibly customisable, ensuring that they can be a fixture of your spaces in whatever way fits your taste.

Porcelain tiles

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If you can’t find any cement tiles you like don’t worry! Porcelain tiles are another, completely durable, environmentally friendly design that have been incredibly popular this year. They come in a stunning range of designs that resist wear and are perfect for high traffic areas. Plus, they are water-resistant and low maintenance making them a great choice all around the house.

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There have been so many popular design trends in 2019 that are sure to carry on into the new year. So, if you’re looking for tiles in Perth, we can sort you out.  New Wave Flooring sell only the highest quality tiles and will help you find exactly the style you’re looking. From porcelain tiles to timber look tiles, Perth homeowners have been using our products to revitalise their homes and modernise their spaces.

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