Hybrid Flooring

Why Should You Use Hybrid Flooring in Perth?

Hybrid flooring is a mix of two popular types of flooring – laminate and vinyl. Vinyl and laminate are blended to make a durable and hard-wearing flooring option. On its own – laminate flooring is prone to swelling as it is not waterproof. Hybrid flooring in Perth combines the durability and strength of laminate and the soft and appealing look of luxury vinyl planks. It is a fantastic floating floor that is perfect for Australian homes and because it is 100% waterproof, you can install this amazing flooring in any room you choose.
Hybrid flooring is exactly what it sounds like. It is a fusion of two existing – and well-known – flooring options currently on the market. Hybrid floors can do what current flooring options can’t without removing the finished look or compromising on that all-important underfoot comfort. It is a revolutionary new product that gives you the look of hardwood while combining the best attributes of laminate and vinyl floors. It has the rigidity that vinyl lacks but has more to offer than traditional laminate. The result is a stylish, durable, and fully waterproof floor.
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Hybrid Features & Benefits : -

• Easy to install over most existing subfloors
• Easy to clean
• 100% Waterproof
• Superior Scratch Resistance
• Silent Floor/Reduces Noise

Waterproof Hybrid Flooring Features

The same technology that makes the hybrid flooring waterproof also keeps it odour-proof. Why is this important? Well, the fact that the flooring is odour-proof, combined with the non-scratch surface and stain resistance, makes it perfect for laying in homes with pets. It is a very resilient floor covering.
It is 100% waterproof thanks to the limestone composite core board and can withstand direct heat and extreme cold. The boards expand and contract minimally, even with underfloor heating or fluctuating temperatures. This means no lifting, cracking, or buckling of your flooring as the temperature changes.

Hybrid Floor Installation Guide

The hybrid flooring installation process is exactly the same as with laminate flooring. Using a click and lock system, the hybrid boards slide and secure into each other with ease. Join our community today to learn more.
View our Hybrid Installation Guide here.


Hybrid Floorings Large Board Country Pine 7mm


Hybrid Floorings Burned Oak 5.5mm


Hybrid Floorings French Oak 6.5mm


Hybrid Floorings Blackbutt 6.5mm


Hybrid Floorings Colorado Pine 6.5mm


Hybrid Floorings SMOKY ASH 5.5mm


Hybrid Floorings OREGON PINE


Light Oak Hybrid Floorings 5mm