does artificial grass get hot

Artificial turf is essentially a carpet, which is made up of synthetic materials like fibres that look like grass. The grass blades are usually weaved or stitched into the carpet to make it look as realistic as possible. Over the years, the use of synthetic grass Perth has increased significantly since it has many advantages over natural grass. The common question comes, “Does artificial grass get hot in summer?”, The short answer is: Yes, artificial grass can get hot, especially in summer.

Artificial Turf in Summer

Some artificial turf tends to get heat up slightly during hot summer days. However, it is also true that the artificial turf temperature is never hot enough to cause any severe damage. The turf retains heat mildly, but the best part is that it is very manageable. There are a few things that can be done to maintain the temperature.

How to manage hot artificial turf in Perth?

It is important that you buy decent quality synthetic grass Perth, the quality of the turf plays a large part in the comfort of the material underfoot during hot days. In addition to this, the infill material also has an impact on the artificial turf temperature. It is recommended that you use a crumb rubber instead of silica or durafill sand. Moreover, if possible, the presence of artificial or natural shade is one of the most effective ways to maintain the temperature. Lastly, the most efficient way of cooling down the grass would be spraying some water over it.

Why should you prefer Artificial Turf in Perth?

  • Cost-effective

It is not only used for indoor sports fields but also used in other outdoor spaces for various reasons. It is cost-effective and installing it the first time is expensive but think of it as a long-term investment. Once it is installed, it does not require any maintenance like natural grass.

  • Looks good

One of the main reasons why it is so widely used is that it looks good all the time. If the turf is of good quality, the grass has a lush shade of green and is shiny. Natural grass cannot look this good all the time because it depends on the weather and sunlight. The turf requires no external help to look good. Furthermore, it can be added to indoor spaces to add a pop of colour and create a nice ambiance.

  • Saves water

It is important to acknowledge that because it requires no maintenance, it saves a lot of water. Due to climate change, water is a natural resource that needs to be conserved, so we cannot afford to waste that much water just for our aesthetic satisfaction. Maintaining the turf requires no water; hence, water can be conserved.

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