Best Composite Wall Cladding User Guide

In this post, we aim to provide a comprehensive guide about composite cladding, exploring its benefits, installation tips, and emerging design trends that are revolutionizing modern architecture.

Composite Wall Cladding User Guide
Composite Wall Cladding User Guide

Composite Wall Cladding User Guide Benefits

Having a user guide for everything makes sure that we can maximize the use of everything that we purchase or have.

The composite wall cladding user guide aims to help you understand what composite wall cladding materials are, how to install wall cladding, and how to maintain the composite wall cladding.

Composite Wall Cladding Benefits

Choosing composite wall cladding for your exterior walls, garden fence, privacy screens, partitions, entrances, and foyers has a lot of benefits. Because of its materials, it gives durability and longevity compared to traditional cladding. It is also rot rot-resistant, low maintenance, eco-friendly, weather resistant, and reduces thermal bridging leading, to lower heating and cooling costs.

By using composite wall cladding, many business owners and homeowners save a lot of money as it doesn’t need constant maintenance.

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Composite Wall Cladding User Guide

Composite Wall Cladding Uses

Composite wall cladding can be used as the following:

  • External Building and Home Facade
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Retail Spaces
  • Public Buildings

Composite Wall Cladding User Guide
Composite Wall Cladding
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Composite Wall Cladding
Composite Wall Cladding Installation Guide

Prepare the Surface – ensure the wall surface is clean and dry.

Install the Starter Strip – Measure and mark a level line at the base of the wall. Attach the starter strip along this line, ensuring it is level. Secure the strip with screws or nails, following the manufacturer’s recommended spacing

Cut the Cladding Panels – Measure the wall dimensions. Cut the composite panels to size using a circular or miter saw. Wear safety gear for protection.

Install the First Row of Panels – Start the next row by fitting the panel’s bottom edge into the previous row’s top edge. Ensure proper interlocking and security with fasteners, checking for level alignment. Continue installing until you finish.

Composite Wall Cladding Supplier in Perth

New Wave Flooring is the leading supplier of composite cladding in Perth. New Wave Flooring only offers premium floorings that guaranteed will last for many years.

New Wave Flooring also offers exclusive discounts and benefits for the trade account this is to make sure that business owners maximize their profit for their project and homeowners save as much as they can.

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