Synthetic Grass for Sale – Get a Return on Your Investment

Did you know that your lawn can save you money each year? Around 40% of our household water is currently used in the garden. That’s a huge chunk of our water bills. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Artificial turf Perth is a fantastic investment. By removing watering and maintenance costs, synthetic grass will pay itself off in as little as 3 years! After that, it’s just extra money in your pocket. Think of all the things you could do with your future savings! Head to our website and claim your free $20 voucher and start saving today!

Synthetic Grass for Sale: A Cost Effective Alternative to Natural Grass

How to keep a manicured artificial turf lawn

without the water bills?

Keeping your lawn manicured can be a great source of pride but upkeep is a pain and it can take a significant toll on your water bill. What if there was a way to have it all, a vibrant, manicured synthetic grass lawn that saves you money. Outdoor turf is the way! Gone are the days when synthetic grass was low quality and lacked realism. Our turf looks stunning while saving you up to 40% on your water expenses. Be the envy of your neighbours and save money doing so. Head to our website and claim your free $20 voucher and make the switch today!

It’s a win-win! Save money
with great looking lawn!

Tired of your lawn looking discoloured and patchy? Are you too busy to maintain that perfect manicured lawn? Artificial turf Perth/synthetic turf perth can save you money, time and give you an outdoor space to be proud of. We use a lot of water on lawn and water costs money. Around 40% of our water bill could be cut by limiting our outdoor water usage. That’s a lot of savings and the only compromise is an easy to maintain, great looking garden! Head to our website and claim your free $20 voucher and start saving now.

save money on your investments

synthetic grass for sale

Your Only Option for Green Lawn This Summer with Artificial Grass.

Perth has just had its hottest September on record. This trend is looking likely to continue as we are shaping up to have a sweltering hot, dry summer. Even so, you can still have a green synthetic grass lawn, save money on water bills and have a nice area for the kids and pets to play.
It often feels as though the only choice is between browning lawn or excessive water bills. However, there is a green alternative! Artificial turf Perth is an eco-friendly alternative to lawn that helps save water and looks great while doing so. Click here to find out more
(insert graphic spring superturf sale now on) For the waterwise, eco-conscious consumer lawn has many issues and is not well suited to sweltering, bone dry conditions of an Australian summer. It requires a lot of maintenance to keep up the appearance of a lush, green outdoor space. This can be difficult in the summer when many homeowners are busy or on holidays. It only takes a couple of days of high temperatures before grass can start to be affected. It will start to wilt and discolor, which can result in gardens looking brown and dreary. Not the vibrant look most of us want for our outdoor areas. The issue is exacerbated in areas with many feet running overhead, as those with children and pets will know. Thinning grass and brown or bare patches sporadically pop up, demanding our attention. It takes more time and effort to keep our gardens looking their best. More importantly, it takes more water.

We’ve experienced the hottest September on record and the driest since 1977 but The BOM Climate Outlook has suggested that this is just the beginning. Hot weather is set to continue with maximum temperatures during summer highly likely to be above average Australia-wide. If this comes to pass, it will cause put a big strain on our water supply.

It’s no secret that a lot of water is required to maintain the traditional lawn. Approximately 40% of the residential use of water was going towards the upkeep of outdoor areas, especially lawns. Even the most stringent approach requires regular deep watering. In our drought-stricken country, this level of maintenance is far from ideal. Especially when there’s an effective alternative that does not compromise the look of our outdoor spaces.

Artificial turf/Synthetic turf offers a great solution. Artificial Grass in Perth offers a low-maintenance solution for a fresh, green appearance that will be bright all year round. No need to worry about browning grass that may thin or go patchy. But the largest benefit would be that artificial turf minimizes water usage and as a bonus it can help lower your water bill, saving you money.

Unsurprisingly, many consider outdoor turf the environmentally responsible choice that minimizes your impact on our water supply. It’s a solution that is easy to maintain and provides a great-looking, vibrant landscape all year round. Perfect for those hot summer days.