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Artificial Turf Wangara – Everything You Need To Know

Do you need artificial grass but are overwhelmed by how much you need to know? From different artificial turf companies, different materials used, or even different installation processes, there are many things that might make your research a little confusing. Luckily, we are here to make it easy for you. When choosing synthetic grass in Perth, this handy guide will help you with what you need to know before making a decision.
Different types of synthetic turf in Perth
There are a variety of different styles of grass that are tailored to suit different purposes and so the grass that will be best suited for you will vary. Putting greens and athletic turf are quite different from pet turf or landscaping turf. So when you’re selecting your turf keep in mind what the primary purpose of your turf is.
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Choose the best quality artificial grass Perth

The mark of a good quality artificial turf comes down to what material it is made out of. All our turf is made from the finest quality nylon, polyethylene, and Polypropylene. Polyethylene is very versatile and strikes an excellent balance between looks, softness, and durability.

Polypropylene acts as the backing for your turf and nylon is often used as a thatch layer and keeps the grass standing upright. All together, they are used to create a strong, aesthetically pleasing product that is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Artificial grass near me
At New Wave Flooring, we are a premium synthetic grass supplier & wholesaler. We sell a wide range of synthetic grasses that can suit all kinds of requirements, from homeowners to businesses. With the best quality artificial grass in Perth, we can find the perfect grass to suit your needs.

Residential synthetic grass in Joondalup

Cut down on your water bills! Stop wasting time mowing and manicuring your lawn! Artificial grass will pay for itself after a few years and you can enjoy all that extra time and money for other things.
Commercial synthetic grass in Joondalup
Your business spaces are an important first impression for many clients. It’s important to look good with a well-landscaped office garden. So imagine having that with minimal maintenance and year-round appeal.
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Get a free sample pack and trade price list?

With incredibly affordable prices you can get high-quality turf at a highly competitive rate. Our product prices depend on the type of turf chosen as well as the desired length. But with the most competitive artificial grass prices per meter, you will be sure to get a synthetic turf that catches your eye for the best price.
Why choose New Wave Flooring?
At New Wave Flooring, we provide the best quality synthetic grass in Perth. Our products look and feel like the real thing while having loads of additional benefits. They are specially designed to suit Australian climate conditions, guaranteed to be long-lasting and durable.
We believe in the quality of our grasses and so they come with a 10-year warranty. Give us a call on 08 6406 1488 or take a look at our products and pricing page or Visit our showroom.